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Since I got a new case I've noticed that I've been getting some very low buzzing interference in my sound. I mostly hear it when my graphics card is doing work, mostly when gaming. I'm guessing it has to do with my GPU causing interference, although I never heard it before, until i changed the computer case. Any idea?
are you using the onboard sound chip ?

onboard sound is crappy at best and cmedia is known to have this problem.
It can happen in realtek as well but only under what I would call high current drain.
IE when your pc is doing a lot of work and the power staging of the motherboard is moving the power around.

if your in the usa your motherboard bios should be set to spread spectrum as default.
its only the usa that has that set as default so pop in to your bios and switch it off because its that which is
trying to even out the power.

the other thing I can think of is this.
if you have just put your motherboard in to a new case have you connected the front audio ports ?
if you have it might be that the wire shielding on those ports is really poor and cheap and its picking up the interference
as its runs past other hardware in the pc.

try disconnecting those ports and try the rear only, if it stops then that's your problem.
Yeah onboard sound, I was thinking about getting a dedicated soundcard but I hear many people say its not worth it these days? If I do invest in one I was thinking about getting something like this https://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.a...2F83MX8711

I've never actually had to use a sound card before, but I've always wondered if it would make much of a difference.

I was thinking that it may be my front port audio, but I was unsure because I don't use the front audio ports, mostly just use mobo IO for everything.

I shall try disconnecting the front port audio cable first, then the bios and I'll report back with the results.

oh and this is my motherboard http://www.asrock.com/mb/Intel/Fatal1ty%20Z97%20Killer/
Take it from someone that's never used onboard sound a stand alone card is much much better
I have the creative in your link and I can tell you its a very good card with clear sound.
creative have always made good hardware but back it up with really crappy drivers which make no sense what so ever.

for my two cents worth a card over onboard any day of the week and that's from someone that pushes his sound cards
to the max due to my music making.
Alright so I did unplug the front audio ports and it fixed the issue, I don't use them so its not a loss.

I do want to get one although, I feel it may not fit with my graphics card in the way. I can't put it below my graphics card because it will block the intake I have set up at the bottom of my case. Although I don't know if it will fit above my card.

below card 1st
above card 2nd
that's just cheap wire if its fixed the problem all good and well they would not give you the best sound anyway.

the slot by the bios battery is a no no its too close.
the lower one looks a better bet and it would fit behind that GFX card and not cause a problem
heat wise the only thing I can see that might be a problem to the sound card would be that rad for the
water cooling.
it looks like it over hangs a little so you might struggle getting the sound card in.

does your case have a upper fan ?
if it does move the rad so it blows out the top of the case and not the back.
that should then free off enough room for that sound card to fit.

people always say to me why is my pc case so big and this is the reason why.
if I want to upgrade something then I have plenty of room to do it in and if I need to I can move the cooling around
to suit my needs.
the downside to that is weight, my pc is so dam heavy its on wheels so I can move It around.
I know I have been putting it off but I really need to shut my pc down take it out in the garden and give it a bloody good
clean out with my compressor as its full of fan grinding dust.

people don't understand that volcanic dust is just small rock and it grinds the hell out of everything
plus if you get too much in your psu or on your motherboard it will cause a short and blow something up.

no matter where you live in this world there is always a downside and the dust out here is a massive downside.
It doesn't really have a top fan but I have dual fan intake on the bottom and dual exhaust at the top. If i were to move the rad at the top it wouldn't rly be getting any air since the psu rests there.

my case is inwin303 to give a visual of what i have to work with. I had to downgrade to a smaller case myself since I have been moving often recently. Its tough lugging a full tower plus space is limited as well. I'd say the only advantage I have is this one doesn't get as dusty.
well as you can't move anything about and the problem is now sorted I would say stay with the onboard sound.

its not so important for games and videos really but when your doing music like I do you want a top end card doing
the work or it just sounds hissy and flat.

I can be ultra fussy with sound cards as my hearing is the best part of me these days.
I don't want to hear a single hiss, click or pop on my recordings.
Is the difference in sound very different? I like to try to get the best experience overall with my PC since its my main way to consume entertainment and do loads of work on and its used quite a bit. I heard alot of good things about the Purity Sound 2 chip on this board which was also another reason I got it. I just haven't had a physical card in my PC for a good while so I'm not too familiar with today's sound cards and if they're really worth getting. I don't do music production, so it wouldn't benefit me?

I'm only curious because my next upgrade will be my graphics card very soon. I'm thinking about getting a GTX 1080ti, think its worth the investment? I'll be going from a r9 390 an already decently capable card, I just like to be well set for atleast 3yrs without worry. also it will help with heat reduction since my card gets much hotter in this smaller case.
it really comes down to your hearing and what your doing.
I have never been impressed with onboard sound to me its very crappy and it can't do the
full 24bit 192000 studio that I use with the creative.
as soon as I plug in a good top end card I can hear the difference straight away.
if your money allows it and you have the room then get a good sound card and try it yourself
if your hearing is like mine your hear the difference straight away, little tip creative have a bass and treble control
as well as a EQ its all in the settings.

the gtx 1080ti is a bloody good card and I feel its going to be around for a while.
I was looking at the lower 1060 myself but as I am not a gamer it would be a waste of hardware.
I'd like to try it out, though I don't know if my headphones(SHP9500S) would benefit from it. I hear some people recommend me getting a DAC for it. With little to no experience with audio, I'm unsure lol. But I'd like to try a card to rly see the difference. My onboard says it has 24bit 192000 though I don't know if its really that true quality. Seeing as I don't have much experience with high quality sound, I'd probably be able to tell if I used it then went back though.

Yeah, I'm tempted to get the 1080ti but then again Vega is coming out soon as well, though I dont know if its worth waiting or not. I want a rear blower style card so the hot gpu air is exhausted out of my case unlike my current one which just tosses it all over the place inside my case. This was not a problem at all with my old case, though with this case its becoming an issue.

The only changes have been, getting a case change and a new 34inch ultra wide monitor. Though my GPU does work harder now due to the ultra wide.
with headphones I tend to stay away from over priced top names and the reason being most of it is just hype

I use and have used for sometime JVC headphones because they normally have a good range in them.
the ones I have at the moment are the top end HA-RX900 they are big and can make your ear sweaty
but the Frequency Response of 7-26,000Hz makes up for that.

they are a good clear headphone and that's what I need when doing my music.
I don't need booming bass or tinny top end I need something that can do it all in one go and those JVC can do it.

sometimes you don't need to spend 100's on the latest brand names you just need something that does the
job and sound good and for that reason alone I would say look at the JVC range.
I saw that mine have a range of 6-35000hz but they weren't expensive, I was told they were pretty good and they're leagues better than my old $200 headset. ALOT better. I just like clarity, extra bass isn't need on my end and these sound pretty darn good. I was actually surprised at the sound quality cause they were much cheaper than my last pair. The only downside I can see to these are they're open end and you have people around you often they will hear but its not a problem for me lol
omg I can't have leaky headphones lol
it would be picked up by my mics when I am playing.

i get angry with myself if i sneeze or cough while i am recording let alone leaky headphones.
even my little baby RJ has really got me angry a few times while i have been playing and recording
he comes down the stairs and lets out his greeting noise's and the mics pick it up.

these days i shut the door while i am working but if he wants a fuss he will just sit outside the door and let out a racoon bark
and that shit is loud i can tell you.
i just have to stop playing and let him in and when he settles down i can start recording again.

i doubt i am the only musician that has to put up with animals that way but it can throw you right off what you were doing.
I can see why many people couldn't use open end headphones lol. I may pick up that sound card if I have some extra cash to spend once I get a new GPU.

I heard that the founders GTX 1080ti gets really hot unfortunately. I was hoping to get a founders because it has a rear blower style fan setup. But I don't know how cool a third party gtx 1080ti would run in my case. As of now all of the third party 1080ti's are sold out.

Would it be better to get one of these:

or a founders:
the rear blower fan is the stock Nvidia fan so I am not over surprised that it gets hot
and it don't take much for them to start blocking the rad grills as all the air is going just one way.

it fine when they are new but as they age it can become a problem.
NVidia have had that stock cooler since the days of AGP its time they come out with something different
but their thinking is nearly all third parties use their own coolers so they don't bother designing anything worth while

msi, evga both have better cooling but don't blow out the back just into your case.
I would say stay away from the triple fan coolers for the simple reason they are massive and I don't think you would have the
room to fit such long cards in to that case.
double fans should be more then enough for any video card really.
the other thing is water cooling the things but if you take off the stock heatsink your breaking the T/C

the other thing you can do is put pci slot blower fans in your case but I would say control them as they
can get bloody noisy when going full speed.

It would help throw out the extra heat from your case.

your case and indeed the space you have should allow you to install two or three of those things.
I didn't see an EVGA 1080ti, least not where I normally buy from. Hopefully it comes out soon cause I usually go for EVGA.
And if I can save a couple bucks i'd definitely do it if possible. The founder edition cards seem cheaper, but thats probably because of the inferior cooling. I hope they aren't too expensive lol.

It is unfortunate that the stock cooling isn't good, I mean aesthetically it looks nice, but I really did want a blower style since it seemed much more practical, but I probably wont get one of those since I dont want to see crazy high temps, my card atm reachs 80C under extreme load. I hear the 1080ti reaches 84-86C under load.
I have used EVGA not a bad third party really but the cheapest of all the third parties is
zotac and Palit not sure if you can get those brand names in the usa but its worth a look
as I have used both of those in the past without any problems.

you seem to have high temp on those cards because even out here with the older 660ti's that I have
they don't reach that sort of temp, when pushed that don't really go above 60C.

I think what you need to do is sit there look at your case and think about the airflow rate and which way the airflow is going.
It sounds silly but you need most of your fans blowing out because air like water will find the smallest of spaces to get back in.

What I did with my own case was have every single fan blowing out and removed the front fan altogether
that way air just streams in the front past the filter mess and out of everywhere I have a fan
there is always some pick of a spammer just waiting to screw up some ones hard work.

just to prove how peed off I am I will post your ip address along with your email address in the hope you
get banned from other sites because you will never be able to post on mine again.

Email Address: shreyaroy993@gmail.com

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My fans bring cool air in from the bottom of the case and exhausted from the top. Also the rear exhaust with the radiator brings in air, should i make all my fans exhaust air and the radiator an intake?

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