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that click is normal its where the power is switched on to the port when you plug in the headphones.

hum I wonder if the digital out is also the pre amped headphone port, that would make sense
if the sound is that different but I will also give a tip on creative yours should have this setting as well.
click start, control panel, sounds. click the speakers sb xfi and then click properties, click tone and there you will see a
bass and treble setting, those are direct settings for the card and applied system wide.
they do make things sound a whole lot better then the EQ in some players.
i read the manual and it said its a headphone jack 2-in-1 S/PDIF digital out. it also has a headphone icon on it, so i just assumed i use it for headphones. when i went into sound i only found speakers that said realtek high def audio. i also checked the site to see audio options, turns out any additional audio they offered were external or usb audio.

ive noticed if it goes into hibernation, which is set to hibernate after 180mins, when i go to wake it from hibernation the screen remains black so i have to turn it off then back on. should i just disable it? what could possibly be causing it to do that?
that's very strange because the screen shot you sent me showed it was using the creative not realtek
the other thing I can think of is creative working with realtek to provide a xfi sound with a realtek chipset.
now that's not as strange as it may seem as they did the same thing on some upper asus boards but
used the adi ( soundmax ) chipset on the onboard sound but it was still classed as a creative card.

confused the hell out of a lot of people including me till I stripped one down and looked at the
chipset being used. it was a creative name on the card ok but the heart of it was soundmax and it would only run
on a soundmax driver.

that maybe the same case with your laptop and I may have to dig in to it a little to try and find the answer.

now hibernation problems have dogged windows since day 1 I don't know why they offer it as its never worked that well
its down to your video card not waking fully from sleep.
when a pc or laptop comes out of hibernation windows resets the video card driver like it would if the driver stops working
this should restart the video card.
it does not always work so the screen remains blank despite the rest of the laptop waking.
windows is too thick to notice the video card is now not working so carries on as if nothing is wrong.

the only real thing you can do to try and sort that problem is try and update your video card driver
and see if that sorts out the problem if not disable hibernation mode.

for some reason windows 10 is even worse for that known problem it maybe down to the fact that a lot of windows 10 drivers
are rushed out and not fully tested or its down to the built in windows update drivers for your video card
Microsoft like to override any third party driver with their own crappy buggy drivers.

these days Microsoft like to think they know better then the likes of AMD Nvidia e.t.c on whats works and what don't on the GPU, we all know they don't.

even AMD and Nvidia have released some drivers that are complete rubbish so how Microsoft think they know better is beyond me.
heres the model laptop NP9172 (P775DM3-G)

i just decided to disable hibernation, ive updated the video card driver, did a clean install when i received it.
it list's your HD as a m2 slot Gen3 x4 interface I would be very interested to know what hard drives they shipped
that laptop with.
if they put in a normal m2 card you won't be getting the best possible speeds that interface can give you.
Samsung, tooshiba G3 or G5, Kingston hyper x will all use that m2 slot fully and your talking about 2000mb a second here
so its best you have the correct drive.
you can check it by device manager

I have the Toshiba xg3 and when tested it gave me very fast speeds indeed Read 2,398
Write 1,080 Mixed 1,328 but I had to run it  by a plug in card as my built in
m2 slot does not support gen 3 well it does but gigabyte are too dam lazy to bring out a bios update for the z97 board so the bios can't even see
the card in the m2 slot.

for your own peace of mine stop windows 10 updates loading its own drivers over yours.
this is how you do it.
right click start button, select control panel , System , advanced system settings , hardware,
device installation settings ,
Select "No let me choose what to do " , Select "Never install driver software from windows update"
now save changes and exit

then check what driver windows is using from device manager, make sure its the update driver you installed
if not reinstall your driver.

that's a nice laptop it reminds me of when I had my xps built I went for every top option they had at the time
its served me well over the years and I won't part with it for anything as I love my trusty old heavy brick of a laptop.

now remember what Microsoft said the surface pro is the tablet that can replace your laptop, yeah right lol
I have a Samsung 850 Evo m.2 SSD and HGST 1TB hdd, I opted to upgrade to a nvme drive later when i have some extra cash. Will I have a problem with windows 10 if i switch out the ssd? Thats what the OS is installed on. I couldnt be too picky at the time of ordering, but atleast I can upgrade those parts easily down the road. I also didnt get a fancy 4k 120hz monitor, I don't really see any benefit to a 4k 17 inch monitor, its too small for me lol. The only thing i cared about was getting a decently powerful processor since this is supposed to replace my i7 4790k desktop. So far its pretty good performance wise, so I'm happy with it as of now. I'm unsure if the processor and graphics card are interchangeable, i've seen other models of this brand that show that all parts are actually interchangeable and not soldered to the board, I'm kind of hoping my components aren't soldered, if they are ah well. I would check, but I'm afraid it would void my warranty. I believe that changing any parts would also void my warranty, which is kind of a bummer, but I'll check with the reseller about that.

Thanks for that driver tip, I hate when windows installs their outdated junk drivers. I had forgotten about that little trick lol.

I'd take by laptop any day over a surface pro tablet, even if it weighs 8lbs, totally worth the extra weight lol. I'm not much of a tablet user, if I do anything its usually on my desktop or in this case beefy laptop.

also, do you think an antivirus is needed these days? debating if i should install one
depends on how its built my own xps yes I can swap out the cpu and gfx but only up to a point,
like a pc they should be on a socket but a laptop socket can be very limited on support as intel do like a socket change.
the only real way to find out is to download the service manual in fact I might look for it myself as I think I may well understand it
a little better so if you run in to problems I can advise on what to do and what to look for.

I can't see any reason why you would have a problem with windows 10 on a newer drive, just do a full disk clone from the old to the new
the smaller the monitor the sharper the picture its always been that way as they have to make the pixels smaller.
I doubt very much you would see any real difference between 1080i over 4K on such a small screen
experts in the field would disagree with that but hell its the end people such as us that have to pay for it not them.
So I found out that I am allowed to add my own storage drives if I want without voiding warranty, I know that many don't allow it. I am glad they don't mind me opening it up and adding to it if needed. Where could I find the service manual to this model? I believe I can fit another m.2 drive and maybe another 2.5 drive as well if I need to.
contact them again and ask about the manual but use a little common sense here.
as they have already said its ok to add another drive ask them for the full service manual because
you want to make sure you do it the correct way and fit the drive in the correct slot.
dell gave me mine without a problem as I told them I want to keep my laptop spotless of dust
because I live in a area of high dust levels.
they almost took my arm off giving me that manual as they knew if its kept clean it won't break down
or be sent back for repair

that manual will also be of help as it will list what is the fastest slots to use for your drives and which are
just standard sata 3

for info the site might just drop on and off line for a while, there is nothing I can do to stop it as
BT the company that owns the lines and exchanges in the uk are laying new cables in the area of my server.
don't worry as the server will remain on its just the line that's dropped and if they get their act together the site will come
straight back up the second they reconnect the line.

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