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I want to backup some dvds/blurays I have, any good programs? I've heard makemkv and handbrake are good
Preferably a program that can reduce file sizes while maintaining good quality aswell.
for DVD's I still use DVD decrypter but it was banned years ago because it was so good.
but I have a copy if you want it.

makemkv is what I use on bluray and it is a very good program even on bluray
not come across handbrake I will have to look at that one.
Would I be able to use makemkv for dvds as well?
Also where is the best place to download it from?

I'll try the dvd decrypter if its better than makemkv
as I have both programs I will dig them out and upload them for you to try.
I think my makemkv was a trail but it's still working even now.

to burn them and this is going to sound really silly these days I still use my XP box and Roxio 7.5
the reason I keep that program is because it allowed you the option to remove subtitles, other bits and bobs
so the film would fit on a standard DVD disc.
even after all the removing if the film was still too big it would allow you options to compress
the over all film or use a dual layer disc.
I assume this is the official site for makemkv

I downloaded it from there.

Also, is imgburn still good for burning?
imgburn is ok in fact it looks a lot like DVD decrypter so see what its like ripping a DVD

I did mean to upload the programs for you and I will do it a.s.a.p.
just the heat has fried my brain over the last few days and we have spent a lot of time high up
in the forest.
I don't like to see my animals suffer so much with the heat, we can cool off but its not like they can
unzip their fur so I have started to take them to the woods during the hottest part of the day and we return late afternoon.
just takes some of the stress off them and me as I like being in the woods myself it gives me chance to stop
clear my head and just make funny shapes out of the passing clouds.
Well I installed imgburn although there is some malware packed with it. I am a bit paranoid about it, so idk if I will keep it. I'd rather have a clean program to use that doesn't contain malware personally.
a lot of shareware comes with that crap its how they keep it free to use
but as long as you remember to install it under custom mode and watch what is being
installed and decline anything you don't want you should be ok.
just scan your pc after the install.
I think one of the worst packed crapware is that dam wondershare that is one hell
of a pig to get fully out of the system.
Hey dave its been a while, I actually still haven't gotten around to getting a software to make backups.
I am still considering imgburn, I found a version that is said to be clean of any malware. A simple google of ninite will bring it up. It has many different programs as well. I haven't downloaded it yet since I've never really of head of it until recently. Not sure if I want to download it since I'm unsure if its actually a clean version of it.
if your ever unsure just post a link to what you want to try.
I have a test box here and I can install anything regardless if its full of crap or not and I can let you know
if its safe or not.
that's the whole point of having some crappy old pc ticking away doing sweet sod all.
its to test things on so you don't screw up your main machine with rubbish.

I have not been well of late and at the moment have to take things very easy as I fell flat on
my face again so gives me something to do when I drag my backside on to the pc
the site is
It seems pretty clean, but anyways you select what you want installed, in this case it being ImgBurn under the Utilities column, then you click "Get your Ninite" its a blue button below

As of right I don't have a spare junk PC up and running to test it myself.
Thats unfortunate to hear, hope everything is better for you soon!
should be ok soon enough I had two stents put In to help my replacement heart out.
by all accounts my body healed a little too well and narrowed the Arteries to and from the new heart causing me to
pass out and fall flat on my face.
I like a pound for everytime I have fallen flat on my face since the yr2000.
my raccoon goes in to protection mode when I fall over, he sits on me and protects me a little to well as he won't let people near me
that's about the only time he will bite but then his protecting me and he don't know any better.

ok tested that program and it does have a lot of reporting back built in it.
it seems to report back as soon as you choose a program and the programs are not
bug free they still have the bloatware in them as well.
I could not get a clean install of that ImgBurn from that program as it was always packaged with some
crap or other.
maybe tonight as I am sitting here and don't intend on moving much I will look over the sites and see if I can find a clean copy of the imgburn.
Well I'm glad I didn't carelessly download that version if it still has some junkware built into it.
That sounds like a pretty protective pet you have there lol, hopefully it didnt cause too much trouble when that does happen.

Also, since I don't have desktop computer that is accessible to me as of now, I was wondering if it was a viable option to directly wire my 3.5 hdd to the sata(via a sata cable) and power the hdd with a psu I happen to have. I know the 3.5 hdd needs a 12v and laptops only give out 5v power to their drives. Although, if its not safe I won't follow through with it. I just wanted to know if this would work without potentially damaging any hardware or my drives, though I'm planning to get a hdd dock in the future. I know I could use an esata cable too but my laptop doesn't have a port for it unfortunately.
yes that's safe as long as the power supply is powering the HD and the sata to usb is only going in to the laptop it should work just fine.
little tip a HD will take about 1 to 5 seconds to spin up to speed so when you switch on your psu allow that time before
you plug in the usb or sometimes it just won't work as you expected it to.

Old rj is very protective of me he always has been but even ola knows when he starts that don't try and grab him or he will have you, raccoons are pretty quick best to throw a jumper or jacket over him and then grab him just watch your hands

his not a fun bundle of joy all the time he has killed two toy dogs out here but even then they did bite him first and he just snapped like
any animal would do, he is ultra quick as well because the first time he done it I had no idea what the hell was going on till he was shaking it by its neck.
I can't say he hates dogs because he don't I have my own dog and he rides her round like a horse, he sits on her back and holds her ears and my stupid german shepherd
lets him do it.
if his protecting himself or me then yes he can be a very dangerous animal indeed but normally his just a stupid bag of fur that will take a fuss from anyone and anything.

that picture is what he does if I say oh RJ what have you done or I use the NO word he don't like that word lol he will do anything to make me laugh and he works out the best way to do it, if that means standing on his rear legs and holding his mouth so be it.

a few locals say he should not be on the island and they are correct they don't belong here but that does not mean he has to be put down like they want.
just take his balls off and let him live his life out, was not his fault he was dumped here.
I have three of his sisters as well so I had to learn how to look after them pretty quick lol
one Is ola's pet and two live wild in the forest by the station, wild he say's lol I feed them every single day and make a fuss of them as well so that's how
wild they are, even had heated dens built for them.
two I can live with four would be more then I could cope with, you need eyes in the back of your head because if you can't see them and you can't hear them they are up to something.

so far 6 different downloads from 6 different places and all of them full of junk.
I will continue to look
I wonder if there is a way I could just pull the program out of the junk, that might be a option for me to look at tomorrow.
Well I intended to connect the sata cable from the hdd to the sata port on the laptop port itself(not via usb) where the 2.5 hdd would normally be. Meanwhile powering it with a spare psu I happen to have. Although I don't know if it that will work. I actually haven't checked if my sata cable would fit on the sata port of the laptop, if theres enough clearance for it. I may just wait for the hdd dock to come in once I order it.

It sounds like that pet can keep you quite busy and entertained with what you've said about'em lol
Oh, I wasn't sure if that was the avatar of him or not, but that seems like a heck of a raccoon with an interesting personality
Having one of them sounds like a huge task on its own though, like taking care of a toddler

I wonder how far back one would have to go to see if there was a revision of imgburn without that junkware
I can't see any reason why you can't do that with the laptop powered down.
some pc's and laptops have a Esata port and that is a different cable but it never really did take off that well
as the cables from port to drive were very short and it was a pain connecting them.
the HD muti dock is a much better idea.

just had a idea pop in my head, go in to that laptops bios and see if there is a option to boot from usb.
if there is then you should be able to boot from a HD dock and load a o/s of your choice.
you may not have a test pc like me but you would have the option of test boot o/s which should leave the
laptops drive safe and free from junk.

booting from usb does take time its not the fastest in the world but it does work
every picture I use on the site is of my baby, but sadly these days the pictures get copied all over the net and then some arse will copywrite the image
and try and make money from it.
I don't care about that as I have the real thing to look at
I checked the bios and didn't see an option to boot from a USB, it just shows my main OS drive as the boot option. Unless I have to make a usb with windows 10 on it for it to show up first.
possible but I doubt you would have to load anything on the memory stick at all.
just plug one in and go in to your bios.
it should read the memory pens firmware and know its there, then it may give you that option to boot from it.

ok this download is free of dam junk its just the imgburn program you wanted and nothing else.

its the only one I found that did not install extras or had spam in with its install files.
Alright, I tried it and it did pop up under as a second boot option

Oh thats great, thanks for the link!
that's great that means you can boot from a HD dock and load a O/S by the usb port.
now you have a few ways of doing that a normal spinning HD not the fastest option
a smaller SSD 128gig just to play with and that will give you the max speed of your usb port
or a large memory pen 128 or 256.
because its loading by usb its going to be slow no mater what option you choose.

I will throw another idea your way as well, get a spare HD caddy for your laptop second hand will do.
put a ssd in it and play till your heats content knowing your main O/S is safe.
on some laptops you can plug a sata cable direct in to the ports of the laptop and run one that way
just depends on if you can reach them.
sadly on my xps that's not possible but on some with a trap door bottom it is possible.

as they saying goes were there's a will there's a way.
and when it comes to finding that way I am dam good at finding it lol

just in case you ever loose that imgburn program let me know as I will keep the file safe for you.

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