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I want to backup some dvds/blurays I have, any good programs? I've heard makemkv and handbrake are good
Preferably a program that can reduce file sizes while maintaining good quality aswell.
for DVD's I still use DVD decrypter but it was banned years ago because it was so good.
but I have a copy if you want it.

makemkv is what I use on bluray and it is a very good program even on bluray
not come across handbrake I will have to look at that one.
Would I be able to use makemkv for dvds as well?
Also where is the best place to download it from?

I'll try the dvd decrypter if its better than makemkv
as I have both programs I will dig them out and upload them for you to try.
I think my makemkv was a trail but it's still working even now.

to burn them and this is going to sound really silly these days I still use my XP box and Roxio 7.5
the reason I keep that program is because it allowed you the option to remove subtitles, other bits and bobs
so the film would fit on a standard DVD disc.
even after all the removing if the film was still too big it would allow you options to compress
the over all film or use a dual layer disc.
I assume this is the official site for makemkv

I downloaded it from there.

Also, is imgburn still good for burning?
imgburn is ok in fact it looks a lot like DVD decrypter so see what its like ripping a DVD

I did mean to upload the programs for you and I will do it a.s.a.p.
just the heat has fried my brain over the last few days and we have spent a lot of time high up
in the forest.
I don't like to see my animals suffer so much with the heat, we can cool off but its not like they can
unzip their fur so I have started to take them to the woods during the hottest part of the day and we return late afternoon.
just takes some of the stress off them and me as I like being in the woods myself it gives me chance to stop
clear my head and just make funny shapes out of the passing clouds.
Well I installed imgburn although there is some malware packed with it. I am a bit paranoid about it, so idk if I will keep it. I'd rather have a clean program to use that doesn't contain malware personally.
a lot of shareware comes with that crap its how they keep it free to use
but as long as you remember to install it under custom mode and watch what is being
installed and decline anything you don't want you should be ok.
just scan your pc after the install.
I think one of the worst packed crapware is that dam wondershare that is one hell
of a pig to get fully out of the system.

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