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Yeah that was the main reason for me wanting to hook my 3.5 hdd directly to the laptop sata port itself since it would give me faster transfer speeds. I have yet to check if it will fit though, it does have its own dedicated door on the bottom to access all the drives. I have 2 2.5 normal sata ports, and 2 m.2 type slots.

If I am able to plug my 3.5 hdd directly to the laptop via sata, would I have to boot both the 3.5 hdd and laptop at the same time since its connected to the main board? Or could I boot up my 3.5 hdd after the laptop? I have never tried hot swapping 3.5 hdd out of my desktop before lol.

Thanks, I'll keep that in mind. I usually do windows formats a bit often, but I'll try not to lose my copy lol
I would power up the 3.5 disk first and then switch on the laptop.
depending on how they set up the sata interface it may not be possible to boot from the sata port if both M2 slots
have a drive in them.
sometimes you loose a few sata ports to allow the extra bandwidth of the m2.

worth a shot no matter what happens as you can't really damage the laptop unless you snap the plastic sata port

no problem just shout and I will upload the clean program to site for you.

right now I think I am going to head off to my bed its pretty early for me ( 11.15pm ) but my chest is hurting a little
and I think a hot shower and relaxing in bed will help.

the last place I want to see anytime soon is the dam hospital.
So I was going to try it, but then I realized I don't have a Male to female sata cable, so I guess I can't do it that way lol. Its not a big deal, I suppose I'll wait for the dock to come in.

Speaking of losing bandwidth, when I put an NVME SSD in my laptop will my GPU be forced to run at x8 instead of the full x16? That was a reason I didn't want to go for an NVME SSD. I know my chipset only supports 16 lanes.

11pm is practically when I get some rest lol, but yeah hospitals are the last place anyone wants to go to
I doubt it, if you have no sata drives and just use the nvme then it should use the lanes for the sata drives and not
the ones for the GPU, if you fit two of those drives then it might drop it just depends on how its set up.

I know if I fit a m2 card to my motherboard I do loose two of my sata slots and yours might be set up that way.

I only wish gigabyte would come out with a dam bios update for my board to support the new nvme drives but they have been
dam lazy and not bothered so my board will only support 3 or 4 Samsung models
I have a Toshiba x4 drive and it does work in windows as I load a driver and I can see the drive
but the bios can't see that drive and won't boot from it just because the bios codes are out of date.

you would think they would support a Z97 chipset board but it seems to have been dropped already
I'm unsure about how its handled but I can apparently set up raid 0 drives in my laptop as 2 via m2 and 2 via sata, but I'm guessing that would cut into my lanes?

I was on the z97 chipset last and it was practically the same thing, while they did update the nvme compatible list but only a few ever made it.
I don't think I can go with gigabyte anymore after being burned from buying one of their highend GPUs about 2 yrs ago. When I needed assistance to figure out why it would randomly flicker, I just got terrible responses claiming it was my DP cable, when it would do the same thing on HDMI and DVI lol... Meanwhile others were experiencing the same issue in other brands such as Asus and was fixed via a bios flash which Gigabyte never bothered to patch cause they didn't think it was their hardware.

Oddly I was going to buy one of their Aorus laptops but I had to really think about it since I didn't want to get stuck again if something had happened with it.
I doubt if raid would cut in to the gpu lanes as its still only two drives or four drives on their ports.
unless they have set it up to cut gpu lanes in order to support two m2 cards
your info pack and user manual on the laptop should tell you how they have laid out that chipset.

agreed gigabyte are not the company they once were but its interesting what you say about asus as gigabyte own them now.
very strange.
I doubt my next motherboard will be a gigabyte I have been deeply unhappy with this z97, this is my third board as two went back as they had faults after a few months of use.

its a shame as I have used gigabyte motherboards since the days of socket 370 and slot 1
its funny how companies change over the years as they use to be the best on the market.
these days I think asrock do more and they use to be dirt cheap crappy thin things but they have improved
so much over the years that I would consider getting their motherboards.
if you read reviews as I tend to do before I buy something gigabyte tend to be middle to lower end now and asrock one of the top.

I bet your don't remember socket 370 or slot 1 come to think of it I bet you have never seen socket 7
the likes of myself have seen computers from the very beginning to what they are now.
what a sad waste of a life lol

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