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MSI Z77 - I7 3770 (Error 62)
Hi Dave,

I have the following

MSI z77 1155 motherboard, and I7 3770 cpu..

I have both of these working fine in build I did at the beginnning of this year, but I wanted a 2nd machine with the same specs.

So my parts arrived for this 2nd machine, I have put everything together and I keep hitting error 62 on the motherboards debug screen.. no display given on the monitor. After googling I updated the bios to ensure it was capable of supporting the cpu but STILL I get error 62 :|

So suspecting potential motherboard / cpu problems I have tested them with different board / cpu but they both appear to work.

Why will these not work together? The CPU has SR0PK on it, not sure if that makes any difference? I have seen others on ebay with L on the end not K
try that cpu in your first build with the same board I think the SR0PK means it might be a Engineering sample of the 3770
if it works in the other board and the bios version are the same on both boards it might be a bad motherboard.
it only takes one socket pin to be not touching and it causes merry hell as the bios does not understand
what the chip is.

you did remember to clear the bios and load defaults after the flash ?

also what version of that motherboard do you have again that is important as the same board number may have different versions
and that too can cause problems because what one board will use the older version might not.
Took the cpu from working machine (cpu has exact same number on) this worked in the new MB

Took the new cpu and placed in the known working MB and had error 62.

So narrowed it down to CPU... but why did it load in the spare board i have hmm.

I will file a return on eBay
that is your best bet really, a intermittent fault in a cpu is impossible to trace.
the seller may have tested it and it worked fine for them but that does not mean it will continue to work
all the time as you have just found out.

it could also be something simple as bios cpu code error where msi have missed out a batch of i7 cpu codes
on releasing the new bios update.
msi will refuse point blank to admit they missed something in the bios update.

I had trouble with msi oh years ago.
we are talking socket 370 days here, oh hum old man talking lol
the bios update they released for a brand new board I had just bought was faulty.
it flashed just fine and passed its after test and then on the reboot you ended up with a dead motherboard.
at first I did think well maybe I done something wrong I checedk and triple checked the bios I had download it was correct I was 100% sure
it was only when checking this problem on the net some months later that I found I was not alone with that board number and that bios version
I admit I took action at that point and got the normal reply you flashed it wrong blah blah.
I replyed back to them and said unless you replace this board I will have that bios file stripped to its core to prove you released a
bad bios update that resulted in a dead motherboard.
took a month but they did replace it lol

since then I have not used a msi motherboard but I also had a crap load of problems with ECS my god then sent me 200 dead boards and that is no joke
I can tell you.
the trouble I had getting those dam boards replaced, bloody murder but I am not even sure if ecs are still around anymore because they got a name
for crap boards.

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