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So its almost been a year and there hasn't been a single driver update for my laptop. I asked the manufacturer and they said they have 0 updates? Laptop: Sager np9172(Clevo P775DM3-G)

I went to another community(http://forum.notebookreview.com/threads/...8/page-439) and there seems to be a few updates that Sagers website doesn't even have. I'm just a bit hesitant to download software unless its distributed by the OEM. There is also a supposed BIOS update as well, but I've been informed that there is none?
I would stay away from any bios updates unless they come direct from sager

other then that you are free to update any drivers you so wish.
lan cards , video cards, sound cards should all update without too much of a problem

so if you have a intel video card go to intel and check for a update there.
like wise if the sound is realtek pop over to them.
there is nothing to stop you updating drivers because the worse that can happen is they don't work
and then you just roll back to the working ones
Yeah I've got some drivers updated, such as my nvidia card.

I was just hoping for maybe some bios updates, even the last board I had got bios updates for about 4 years into its life. It just seems like they release hardware and then forget it. Heck even my sisters Alienware 17R4 gets more software/bios FW/driver updates which is pretty sad considering thats Dell.
I was mainly concerned because of the spectrum and meltdown exploits.
really depends, if no problems are found with the bios or none reported by the end user then the company won't release any.

dell are pretty good at bios updates unlike gigabyte who have lost the plot over support.
with gigabyte as soon as a new board comes out you can forget any new bios updates for your own board
as they class it as out of date.

I am a bit stuck that way with my Z97 board, as you know its not that dam well old and all I wanted was a bios update
to support newer versions of the M2 cards but will gigabyte do such a thing ? nope, they simply don't care.

the funny thing is I can see and use the m2 card in windows its just the stupid bios can't see it so won't boot from it
that kind of makes me angry.
Oddly enough my last board was based on the z97 chipset as well and it got a bios update to use m.2. It was a ASRock board and it was a pretty damn good board too, the CPUs for that board are still very good today. I don't see any real CPU performance with my i7 7700k over the i7 4790k I had. If anything its an ever slight improvement that I don't see in everyday casual use. I only notice it when I am doing some heavy work.

I noticed gigabyte sort of just fell off on the support side. I had some problems with my graphics card in two different occasions and they were no help at all. The last problem I ran into was the last straw and won't buy anymore of their products in the future. I ended up selling the card for cheap because I didn't want to deal with it personally. It is pretty sad, they were a pretty good brand.

I saw the driver list for the np9175 which is the upgraded version of my laptop running the latest chipset with an i7 8700k. I do see some different(newer?) driver versions, but don't really know if I should try any.
as long as the hardware is the same IE : video card or sound card then there is no real harm in trying
the drivers.
I would not try that newer models bios because as you said it based on a different chipset so that would mean
different bios codes.
once along time ago and I have not done it for ages now I use to tweek my own bios codes
in the days of DMA codes they were pretty easy to adjust at the base code level and then flash back to
your bios.
these days its much harder to even see the dam codes let alone anything else.

one thing I should point out is this.
if your running windows crappy ( windows 10 ) it can and does overwrite your choice of drivers for its own
and it will do that every time it auto checks or you use windows update.
its best to switch that off or you can run in to a big battle where it thinks it knows better then you do.

I still refuse to use that version of windows to the point where I have had some Linux drivers written
for me by a expert so I can start using it in the monitoring to replace any XP machine that has open net access
but even with that said XP is still that main work horse behind closed doors running 80% of the monitoring
why ? because it just dam well works without kicking up a fuss every 10 seconds.

I have the i5 4670K and its running at 4.2GB so overclocked and its been running that speed since day one
it out beats a lot of the so called newer i5 hands down so no need to upgrade it anytime soon

AMD are the ones to keep a eye on at the moment as intel went in to a panic over the new AMD ryzen and pushed out the intel i9
to be honest the i9 is a huge chip and its not even that good given the choice even I would go for the AMD.

its good to see AMD giving intel a run for its money, because intel have sat about getting too much money for their products
for far too long.
I'm glad to see that it's not just me who thinks Windows 10 is a nightmare. I have one machine with Win 10 and I'm barely even using it nowadays. It's constant problems after every update.
windows 10 has just got worse with age, I loaded the so called " new version " that came out this month and its still a blue screen crash nightmare that refuses to do any sort of hard work.
to me windows 10 is a massive pumped up mobile o/s nothing else.
if you need something to work 24/7 as I do then windows 10 any version is not the best choice.
80% of my machines are still XP based and I can't afford the cost of upgrading all the sensor hardware they monitor as it would run in to millions
of pounds.
so my choice was to hide XP behind a hardware firewall and to hell with what Microsoft tell me.
just wait till the end of next year when they end support for windows 7

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