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Asus T100TA-DK002H no Sound
Hi there, I tried to install win 10 32bit of that asus t100 tablet, but now the sound ist not working. Some Ideas?
would seem to be the realtek audio you have in that T100 tablet
asus don't seem to list if its the HD version or not but I would think it
would be as this laptop came out with windows 8.1

pop over to realtek from this link and download the windows 10 HD audio driver.

word of warning windows 10 likes to overwrite drivers for its own from windows update.
if after installing the driver the sound returns but later stops again its because windows has
loaded its own buggy driver over yours.
Thany you for your answer! unfortunately your mentioned Driver ist not working too. I Also tried with the win8.1 driver. Installing no problem, but the sound doesn't work anyway. do you have another idea? And also updated the bios from 304 to 314. No success :-(
ok must ask did you do a windows upgrade ?
windows 10 straight over the top of windows 8.1 ?
or did you do the full clean install of windows 10 ?

sometimes well a lot of the time with windows crappy ( sorry windows 10 )
the upgrade goes badly wrong and things just don't work the way they should.

going by what I can see on the asus forum its a common problem with this tablet and
windows 10, manly due to windows update over riding drivers.
that's nothing new to me really as I have come across it many times.

one thing you can try and that is do a clean install of windows 10 and then disable
the auto driver update.
how to do that is as follows

to stop auto updates

right click start button, select control panel , System , advanced system settings , hardware,
device installation settings ,
Select "No let me choose what to do " , Select "Never install driver software from windows update"
now save changes and exit.

now pop over to the asus website and download and install the windows 8.1 sound card drivers.
that I hope will sort this problem.

sometimes a clean fresh install to wipe all drivers is the best option as some files get left behind on a uninstall
then your left with a system that can't make its mind up and fails to work as expected.

ATI use to do that something terrible, uninstall one of their graphic drivers on windows xp and then try and update it.
nope would never work as expected and you were then stuck with a system that refused both new and old drivers.

did you remember to load the bios defaults after are you flashed the bios ?
that's important you do that as it will try and apply the old settings from the old bios if you don't
so if you did not do that just pop in to your bios and tell it to load its defaults.
save and exit
Sorry for my english, i'ts just from secondary scool :-( And thank you again! But it was not successful. I Load bios defaults (it was called optimized defaults), restart, windows driver updates deactivated, download win8.1 audio driver from asus website. remove audio driver and installed the win8.1 driver. the same result. in the hardware manager, everything seems like to be ok, no sign like yellow triangle or so. Maybe I must forget that :-( I made a clean install because there was almost no disk space left. before, with win10 upgrade it was working. But I'm stupid, have no image of the old system now. And the microfost download utilitiy for win8.1 Image ist not working. who knows why...
wonder if its using the Microsoft audio over the realtek.
go in to control panel, sound, click that and look under speakers.
see what windows is trying to use as default playback device.

let me know what is listed ( if anything )
don't worry about your English I fully understand what you are saying.

I only ever completed secondary school myself so your not alone on that one.
I have without a doubt learnt more out of school then I ever did in it.
Hi Davey, finally success :-) In another forum I fount the solution. But what unbelievable solution: this driver works fine and windows take now speaker an microphone from Intel (Inell SST Audio Device WDM))

This Driver from Lenovo is working perfectly with my asus t100ta: https://communities.intel.com/external-l...hm18ww.exe
Hier I found: https://answers.microsoft.com/en-us/wind...9ebd7b55f7

So, I thank you very much anyway, since many years ago I was very happy that I can ask you, if I'm not able to solve my driver problems. Thats very worthful for me!
well at least that's sorted out.
remember keep the windows auto driver updates switched off or
it will update your driver that works for one that does not.

thank you, the site is so old now but I do still keep it live for members
to ask me anything.
Yes, of course driver autoupdate I will keep switched off! So I learned now something good of you :-) Have a good Time, and thank you for keeping live your site!

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