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nvidia tnt2
told you i would be back :P:P:P:P

I now have a problem with my nvidia tnt2
its gone mad:D:D

was working fine up till two nights ago now its shutting the monitor off when i am trying to play games or if i am on the the net for a few hours.

works ok for a while then the screen breaks up in muti colour boxes then the monitor shuts down.

any ideas ?
your card is over heating and shutting itself down.

shut the pc down and remove the power cord.

take your case off the pc. remove the one screw holding the card in place and remove the card.
now i am almost sure the tnt does not have a fan but i could be wrong.

clean the heatsink with a clean dry paint brush get rid of all the built up dirt and dust.

while your at it give the inside of the pc a good clean up with that brush cpu heatsink and fan and case fans the lot.

what may have happened that over the years all the fans and air flow in side the pc has become blocked so no air is flowing in and out the pc all the heat from use is now just building up inside the case and making the card shut down.

do the above and see how it works after that.

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