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xp constantly reboots
I am trying to figure out the cause of a few different things about my Gfs computer.
! is that it will reboot at random times and every time I empty the recycle Bin.
another problem it seems to be having is that items are dissappearing from the startup menu shown in "msconfig"

here is a summary of her comp::
<<< System Summary >>>

> Manufacturer : eMachines (Model T3120)

> Mainboard : First International Computer, Inc. K8MC51G

> Chipset : nVidia nForce 430

> Processor : AMD Sempron 3100+ @ 1800 MHz

> Physical Memory : 512 MB (1 x 512 DDR-SDRAM )

> Video Card : Nvidia Corp GeForce 6100

> Hard Disk : ST3100011A (100 GB)

> Hard Disk : WDC (14 GB)

> DVD-Rom Drive : HL-DT-ST RW/DVD GCC-4482B

> CD-Rom Drive : Memorex 52MAXX 2452AJ

> DVD-Rom Drive : NERO IMAGEDRIVE2 SCSI CdRom Device

> DVD-Rom Drive : NERO IMAGEDRIVE2 SCSI CdRom Device

> Monitor Type : eView 17f3 - 16 inches

> Operating System : Microsoft Windows XP Home Edition 5.01.2600 Service Pack 2

> DirectX : Version 9.0c (July 2007)
Do I need to do yet another system restore or is she just gonna have to break down and get another(not an Emachine) computer

Btw Davey I love the new topic Icons they look atomic
system restore nope, i have a feeling that the hard drive has started to suffer from disk fade.

take the case off the pc take the hard drive out and note down its make and model number.
go to the website if the people that made that drive and download the hard drive test tools ,
give that drive a full test not a quick one.

what i think is going on is windows is writing files in the swap file only for it to go missing then when it can't call them back windows will crash like you have just taken out the hard drive.
same with the start menu if things have started to walk its a sign that the hard drive may well be at fault.

quick edit , i think the site looks better now might be a davey mix and match but i do think it looks cleaner and more readable
I tested the hard drive using the dos based test that seagate has on their site.
First I ran the quick check and it passed and then I ran the long check and it too passed so according to the manufacturers tests the hard drive is still fine.
Any other thoughts.
you just said a very dirty word to me that being " seagate "

I have no luck with their drives at all, biggles has had better joy with those drives then myself.

one question is the restore on disk or in a partition in the hard drive ?

if its not in the hard drive do a full and complete format of the hard drive not the quick version.
then use your recovery disk and see how you go from there.
I still think that in a few weeks time you may start to see the same problems again.
the other possible cause would be ram breaking down but that would cause the computer to crash but not delete info from the drive.
the recovery is on a partition on the drive and I also have the recovery cd but not the full windows install. However the problem seems to have been in my slave drive that held only music files (mp3s) I havent had the problem since reformatting the slave drive which checked out showing so many errors that it was unable to log all them. The drive however is still good even though the files are gone but thats how the cookie crumbles lol now if i can just figure how to put the startup programs back into " msconfig" I will be happy especially my antivirus program (avg Free)
reinstall avg free it has a repair option or remove it fully and reinstall it
if your slave drive is full of errors replace it chikid68 , it will only get worse till it stops reading altogether.
best to save the info you can now then wait for it to go dead.

thats common place now to have the restore built on the hard drive.
it just means when you set up windows xp you have to watch what partition your deleteing or formatting, you can still do a full format but make sure your doing it on c or the largest partition
Now Dave, repeat after me, "Seagate is my friend, Seagate is my friend etc etc"
Seagate is my friend, Seagate is my friend , Seagate is my friend, Seagate is my friend.

I hate seagate, I hate seagate, I hate seagate, I hate seagate,

opps sorry seemed to have sliped out if seagate is my friend mode lol lol lol
It occured to me to reinstall avg right after posting and it worked fine.Slap
davey do you like western digital more than seagate because thats what my slave drive is ( the one thats toast).
But in their defense the drive was manufactured in 1996 so I cant complain too much about the lifespan It has outlasted 3 out of 4 of the computers I have had it in Clap
you have a 11 year old western digital that still works ( sort of )

dam your lucky , i bought their top of the range raptors for a pc i built both packed up both replaced by wd only for the replacements to give up the ghost.

I really think its the luck of the draw and how far these dam drives travel round the world before you get them.

i have maxtor drives that are over ten years old all still work and i keep them as i have drivers and programs on them.

where i have had more luck with maxtor then biggles he has had more luck with seagate, but now seagate own maxtor i don't buy them anymore lol
i went over to samsung drives both in my pc's , server and laptop.
so far so good i have not had one let me down,
i have to say one thing for samsung sata 2 drives they are dam fast and really quite you have to put your ear next to it to make sure its running.
actually I have a couple of old western digital drives that still work as well as several old quantums including a bigfoot from an old compaq that mounts directly to the bottom of the case (all pulls) that still function perfectly except for the fact that all those old drives are small ( the largest is only 20 gb)
but what can you expect for stripping old worn out pcs that friends dont want anymore, but it does give me a small supply to repair comps for other friends that cant afford new parts
i have quantum drives in a box somewhere fireball i think they were called back then. ( they were made by maxtor )

think the smallest drive i have sitting in a box is about 512mb yes you do read that correct, mb not gig.

oh oh you like system pulls well don't open a few of my cupboards as you would get snowed under in old hardware Grin

you always save bits just in case sort of thing and before you know it you have filled box after box.
that sounds about like my cabinets before we moved and i passed on a ton of old stuff in order to not have to pack it.
I have heard of the old hard drives that were under a gig but I havent ever had 1 yet I think my smallest is a 2 gig but then again you have been working on em a bit longer than me lol. Too bad I cant daisy chain all those old hard drives together as 1 [/b]
2gig lol , i have seen drives that were ready for this ?

a massive 8meg in size , back then that was top of the range and you could not get better.

you can't really miss one of those old drives they were built like a small book. now days people moan if they can hear a hard drive back then they sounded like a bag of bolts in a washing machine and that was normal. lol

I really should clear some of my junk out , i need to sit down and copy all my old hard drives on to one big fat new one then bin all the old ones.
same as cpu's i have 75mhz ( massive speed ) right up to pent d 950 sitting in that cupboard i know very little of that hardware will get used again.

one thing i am a little short on is monitors, thats only because davey can loose his temper at times and stick his fist in that nice 19" lcd screen ( done that twice now )
makes a nice mess of your hand and the monitor Eek
( don't try that at home kids ) lol
If you wanna put your fist through monitors maybe you should quit using lcd after all the old ones are tougher and even if you do break 1 they are cheaper to replace and it wont take but one or two picture tubes blowing up in your face to break you of the habit :loll:
nah that don't help Eek i have broken a few ctr monitors in my time.
infact they are less fun when you push one off the desktop or throw it across the room ( 15" ctr make a lovey mess )

sometimes old davey can get very angry not with the pc but with myself !
I think if some "younger" people heard a Stepper HDD working now they would crap themselves thinking it was going to fail. Also, it was not uncommon to have to wait 20 to 30 minutes for a HDD to warm up and have the platters expand (from their cold state) so the heads to properly align with the data tracks. Head crashes sounded really spectacular. My first HDD was an 85MB monstor, cost AUD$10 per MB and it was a bargin!! I can get a 1TB drive now for less than that. Unbelievable. Just like a Quad Core CPU for AUD$345. Saw some Canon printer things on sale for AUD$29. Is cheaper to throw them away when the ink runs out than to buy new cartridges. This throw away society is getting rediculous. Recently had a kindergarten turn down some Celeron 1000 machines because they were too old. Help, they are for kids under 5 years to use.

Sorry, seem to have taken this off topic thread further off topic.

Just read the rest of the thread to see if the reboot problem had been solved and saw the blasphemy about Seagate. One thing worth noting, do NOT purchase Seagate 2.5" laptop drives yet. They are not yet as good as their 3.5" god like HDDs. Samsung are the better 2.5" drive to purchase for a laptopalong with Fujitsu.

And a final thing on drive failures. A guy I used to sub to like Seagate IDE drives and Quantum SCSIs. He had boxes of failed Seagate SCSI and Quantum IDEs. This was a long time ago when there was only the 1 year warranty. If the Raptor drives were a better size, I would buy them since they come with a 5 year warranty though 3 years is really ample. Reminds me, I have had my main desktop's 120GB SATA long enough. Must get something with a warranty that will not run out within the next 3 months. Maybe a 500GB drive and then I can put a dual boot XP & Vista (shudder) on it. See if a clean Office 2007 will run faster than the bloody slow upgrade from Office 2003. Sod, if I do that I will need more RAM, 2GB is not enough. Bugger, I will need to upgrade the motherboard as it won't take DDR2. Pox, will have to get a newer CPU as the Socket 478 will not fit the newer motherboard. Shit, I will also have to get a new graphic adapter as the new board may not have an AGP slot. Oh dear, will need a new monitor to harness the power and resolution of the new graphics adapter (might as well add the second monitor as well. 2 x 22" LCD would be quite useful me thinks). Time to start secreting funds so the missus doesn't find out until toooooooo late. Muhahahahahahaha.
gone off topic biggles ? would i ever go off topic lol

sounds like you need to build a new machine. the only 775 boards that came out that support agp also took ddr400
they were based on a old 865 chipset as well.
if your going to move upwards ditch the lot and start over.

remember the days when you had to put a delay in the bios to allow the old drives to spin up ?
its still there in some award bios set ups
yes guys thats what its for if you get a hard drive that sometimes don't get detected you can slow down the bios to allow the drive to spin up.... can't remember the last time i ever used it mind you.

2x22" lcd screens biggles ? one for each fist ?
The HDD delay is still around and is used for SCSI drives. Who really want 7+ HDDs all trying to spool up at once. Imagine the strain on the PSU.
ok davey repeate after me I will not punch monitors, monitors are my friend.ok davey repeate after me I will not punch monitors, monitors are my friend:loll:

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