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xp constantly reboots
Hay a monitor sits on your desktop to be used ! what way to use it you choose , display picture or punchbag. Loll

better i take my anger out on that thing then anyone close to me i would never forgive myself if i hurt my partner.
maybe you could consider mounting a heavy punching bag near your desk. lol or maybe anger management :loll:
anger management ? nah don't need that smash bang opps lol
in that case dont let this happen to you [Image: pcfite.gif]
I thought you would like that
oh yeah , i will try and add that one to the smiley list.
it is hosted here
ok lets try these added a few

Comp1 Pcfite

looks ok
cool but I sincerely hope that you havent used smiley central to get thoseme myself I use a spyware free plugin for mozilla to get them [Image: bowtothefox7mw.gif]
smiley central nope these i have had for a very long time i have four folders full of smileys on one of my drives.
i scan any smiley i download before i use it just to be on the safe side.

mybb has smiley packs you can download but they are small things i like the big moving smileys.
I figured that you knew better but you would be surprised (probably not) how many people fall for the smiley central and install that crap on their computers then wonder why they slow down
just an update on the seagate that started this thread it is still running strong although I no longer use it for anything critical I have it slaved in and use it for temporary storage for movies and songs That I need to burn to disk and then I delete them as soon as I burn them.
so basically it just contains a bunch of cd and dvd images awaiting final burn but its still going strong.
yes davey I said seagate as in seagate manufactured in 1996 lol
wash your mouth out with soap and water ,, seagate bah ! think i should add that word to the ban list that would sort you out once and for all....

that may be so but you gotta admit 12 years isnt a bad lifespan for it
12 years use out of any hard drive is bloody good going.

i think i dump most of my drives after about two or three years for bigger ones even if they are still working or they
get past down the line to another computer in this room before they head for the box

think the oldest drive in this room is about 4 years old.

i will have a look in my boxes i must have really old drives in there.
mind you if i do that i will start pulling out p1 chips lol edo memory and everything else that really should be in the bin.
i do tend to bin more stuff now then i keep i mean i have limits and my mad half hour when i just dump loads of hardware.
I would but since this old 1 is still ticking and I have had it for years I have kinda grown attached to it .lol
It is a pull from the first pc I ever owned
chikid68 Wrote:It is a pull from the first pc I ever owned

now thats very very sad Nono Nono Nono

they all grow up and leave home at some stage :loll: :loll:
I know they do but i just wish this 1 would get bigger lol :loll:
ok you asked for this..
i just checked some boxes.
i have a conner hard drive thats a massive 64meg lol lol lol

plugged it in my test machine and it fired up and it still has info on it lol lol lol
thats one for the bin thats for sure....
also found a quantum fireball bigfoot drive and they are not joking about big foot thats about the size of it.
and thats a massive 32meg lol lol

oh dear i must bin this crap , found two 486 cpu and one 386 , 5 p1 166mmx , 2 p2 , 300 ( slot one )
1 p3 , 933 , 1 p3 1 gig.
four p4 from 2 gig up to 3 gig.
stack of memory thats all shapes and sizes edo up to ddr 400

none of this i use anymore its just laying about.

even got a nvidia 6800 ultra agp card here would be a shame to bin that but all pcs here are now pci express.
maybe i should have a boot sale and get rid of some of this stuff.

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