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spectre bug fix
After the help of gigabyte forum I have got a update for my motherboard that clears this bug.
please note I had to request this bios direct from gigabyte you can not download it from their site.

I will upload it to this post in the hope that it can help someone else with this problem.

please note this bios is for the

GA-Z97-SLI version 1 only

as with all bios update you update the bios at your own risk.

where i take care with my uploads and check them for virus I would advise that you check the
downloaded files yourself before you try it on your board.

if anyone has a update bios for their own motherboard that clears this nasty little bug and you wish to share it free on the net you may do so by contacting me and I will post on my site with your name and my thanks.

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