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Sig Matel 9750, NO SOUND at ALL
My setup:
1. Windows XP Professional SP2
2. Sound, Video and Game Controllers
3. Sigma Tel C-Major Audio Driver, STAC 9750 AC97, version:, 4/25/03
4. Dell Inspiron 5150 Laptop


I recently started from scratch reformat/installing a fresh copy windows xp and got all updates. Next, installed drivers which
came with the computer (resource disc). I was able to get sound working and rest of drivers needed. Next, I went to dell's website and got the updated drivers specifically for the 5150. I have updated most of the components then when I reboot I dont hear the sound any more.

I checked the device manager, under the device status: This device is working properly. Ok then I went to properties tab to the audio controller codec and clicked properties, the status says: Driver is enabled but has not been started. ?? Then I checked
the DXDIAG, under sounds tab, the device and drivers show no information. Under notes: No sound card was found.....
So I removed/reinstalled the original drivers (resource disc), still no sound. Then, I checked the sounds and audio devices in the control tab to try to play a windows sound. but the play button is disabled (no allowing me to select anything).

The last thing I did was to restart the computer with the utilities diagnostics cd and ran the sound test. it works fine both channels
can be heard with a test song but when in all booted up and tried to play a song, nothing. This is pretty much all the options I've tried and still no luck.

Anything I underlooked? Your help is very appreciated.


it may have be disabled,

go in to control panel , sounds and audio devices, audio tab.
under default device see if you can use the pull down menu to select sigma tel.
Hi Dave,

Thanks for a speedy reply. I have checked the audio tab, everything is disabled and not allowing me to select anything. I think the other drivers that I installed other than the sound may have screwed up the driver. I even uninstalled those drivers and put back the original ones. Do you think there is something else I can check? The last thing I want to do is to do a repair install of xp.


what chipset drivers did you install ?

had to track down what chipset is in that dell and then go looking for the best chipset driver.

download and install this INF file its for the laptop 852 chipset which you have in that machine,

then see if you can select the sound again.

Sorry for a late repsone, I dont know what kind of chipset is in my laptop. I tried running intel's chipset utility to figure out what kind it is, but it was unable to figure it out. I installed the 852 chipset update and still the sound it not working. Do you think if I just do a repair install, would the drivers reset itself, or is there any other suggestions.

Thanks Dave!

fully uninstall the Sig Matel from add remove programs.
go in to your c drive , and look under all programs.
if you find a folder still listed Sig Matel delete it.

restart the pc.

then try the first driver that worked for you.

also just have a quick look in your bios to make sure the sound is enabled.

one more thing while your in add remove programs make sure windows update did not download and install a c-media driver, for some reason they like to class most sounds cards that way, if you find c-media listed in add remove programs again uninstall it.

after doing the above if it don't help try the repair option in windows xp or try the built in system restore and go back to a date before you loaded up the update driver.

to find system restore.
click start, all programs , accessories , system tools, system restore.

doing system restore first is the better option as it leaves any words docs or emails intact it just restores the settings to windows.

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