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vista sp1
don't go holding out any hope of anything new in vista service pack 1

i have taken this section of text from a tech news letter sent to me by microsoft.

The key thing to note is that Windows Update is taking care of important incremental fixes, and while SP1 delivers enhancements to compatibility and reliability, it will not contain new features. It's built and tested to enable smooth transitions for applications from Windows Vista RTM to Windows Vista SP1. If you want more information on the latest Windows Updates, here are two Knowledge Base articles that address reliability and compatibility: KB 938194, KB 938979.

so i won't be updating from xp to vista any time soon.
if you cut the bull out of that sp1 is going to be a bug fix that may allow some programs to run.
It seems that Microsoft will be moving away from the larger Service Packs in the future. The reason given is the availability of broadband and Windows Update, err sorry, Microsoft Update (it included Office etc).

It doesn't really help when you have a clean install and there are at present on my XP SP2 machine, 266 Hotfixes and Updates and even if you have a WSUS server installed, the clean install won't update from there but has to visit Microsoft. It gives me the Microshits!!
they are doing that for one reason to stop the copies.
how many times do they have to check your product key i wonder ?
it gets check 5 times from a clean install of xp sp2 and gets right on my tits.

if they cut the price of windows no body would buy a dam cracked copy to start with.

the price of windows vista is just silly even at half that price microsoft would make money.
any maybe just a few more people would be tempted to try it .
It gives me the shits that every Update requires a new ActiveX install. Very annoying!!

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