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xp driver for usb to serial cable HL-340
I have tried to install this driver with no luck, I am getting Driver Install Failure. What am I doing wrong?
I am running XP Pro
do you have a problem with your usb ports ?
the driver will fail to install if it can't find any usb ports.

download and install your main motherboard drivers then use windows update.
then try to install the driver again.

the driver should be installed first before you plug the cable in.
My ports are working fine.I have been using them for my printer. I have it working, I went to a website www.winchiphead.com/download/ch341/ch341ser.zip.
It looks like they have a patch for the software, it is labled CH341
I downloaded it and it worked great.
Thank you for your help!
yup i know about that driver and i do have it listed here.

if you say it worked for your cable under windows xp i will copy the driver over from the vista forum to xp.
Im new to this forum and I hope I havent broken protocol by entering this thread. Im having the same problem with this cable(HL-340) .I need a driver to work on Vista, will the XP files your talking about work? If not where can I go? Thanks in advanceGrinGrinGrin
depends on the make of the cable.

if you haev a brand make you stand a chance of getting it to work with vista with the ebay ones its much harder and impossble under 64bit.

look at the other topic for the HL-340 cables you will see some drivers listed but they really are for 32bit windows and all for xp you can try loading them with the compatibility wizard built in vista.

how to find and use that wizard can be found here.

I cant find the driver to download it . Can you help me locate it?

why is there no drivers here? just post drivers god
why the heck does it say daves drivers , and when you look for a driver you cant find it, come on what the hell
check the last few pages of this closed topic for the driver, also look in the download section on the bottom of the forum for other drivers.

there is no reason to be dam rude all you have to do is ask or read the topics
Rock Thank you very much!!! Saved me a pile of Poo
I have never googled something up and found a site with the info I needed as fast as I have found this one.
Glad you found the site ok.
thanks, this page is very good.
I wanted so much to feel the love, and get this darn (cheap) USB-to-serial cable working, but no luck for the longest time...
Bought item #8757 (funny, that's also part of the device's PID it seems) from DealExtreme, waited weeks for delivery, and hoped I'd have luck with the included drivers. Unfortunately, all the drivers are contained on a mini-CD and not well organized. And it's unclear what exact model the cable is ... but other reviewers suggested HL-340 (not contained on the CD!).
I'm a computer tech with 27 years experience, so this should've been a no brainer. Many thanks to Dave for trying his best to wrangle all the drivers needed for "generic" USB-to-RS232 cables like mine, but no luck for me after many attempts. (See "Good News" below...)

*IMPORTANT NOTE: At first, I think my PC simply didn't appreciate the cable being plugged into its front USB ports, and further progress was made by plugging it into one of the 8 rear ports!*
Tried all the HL-340 drivers, all the PL-2302, and finally the CH-341 (Chinese) drivers Dave pointed to.
No luck, and Windows XP Pro continued marking this device as "Unable to Start" with a yellow exclamation point in Device Manager.

GOOD NEWS (sort of): Running the driver (its an EXE) Dave listed at:
got me further than any others, though I was still prompted (annoyingly) to manually browse my way to find the SER2PL.SYS file (repeatedly), which luckily DOES reside on the mini-CD that came with the cable. This never bodes well, and by the time I tried that driver, I feel my WinXP OS had been kinda splattered with driver fragments (I neatly uninstalled what I could beforehand, and carefully plucked out any references to "Prolific" from the Windows Registry).
But, still, the GOOD NEWS is that eventually... sigh... the USB-to-Serial device DID appear without any warning symbols in Device Manager. YAY! I could change the device settings (COM port #, transmission speed, etc.) and maybe it was working, but the serial device (an ancient one, granted) I plugged into this cable refused to acknowledge either its COM1 or COM2 setting as "valid". So, for ME, back to square one.

Perhaps my story will shed some light on some other poor sap's experience. In hindsight, I should have bought a name-brand, slightly more expensive USB-to-serial cable and gotten predictable results.
silly question time sorry about this.

did you do a search on the device ID string of the cable ?
Prolific make most but not all the cross over chipsets in the cable its self.
if you search the device ID it might help narrow down the search for a working driver.
i do have drivers all over this forum for those cable's and when time allow's one day i will sit down and put them in one big bunch in the download section.

if you can't find anything from the device ID string let me know what it is, i may be able to dig something up on it.
of corse your connected device many not like the cross over, some very early devices don't but its worth a try if nothing else.

sometimes it is worth paying that little extra, these cables are just one story on this site.
the ebay cheap 6 led cams are another, ship with poor or even no driver what so ever, some of them can be a nightmare to work out as well.

let me know what that id is and between us we might be able to find something.

it should find what it needs in one go.

i have done that a few times in my life and its the way i made the 75,000 driver disk i have on my file site.

if you upload that mini cdrom to my file site i will rip it apart and see if i can work out what make and model cables it supports.
details on how to upload can be found here.
ok i have done what i said i would.
all drivers i have to date for these cables are now listed in one place.
check this list out if you need one of these drivers.
could you tell me where can i download this driver hl340
all the drivers i have to date for those cables can be found here.


these are for xp and vista.
I have been trying to get this cable working for a week now, and THANKYOU! Soso much.

I'm running Win XP home, and my cable simply showed as USB2.0 Ser! in dev manager with a yellow "?" for ages, then I noted it came up in new hardware found as "CH340"

It was infact the CH341SER.exe drvier that worked, NONE of the others did more than confuse my machine, get me irate, and make me want to toss the thing out of the window! (certainly not calling it a cable while doing so, may i add!)

Next step for me is trying to get one of my graphics tablets working with it. At least it's accepting the thing is in, and working.

Fingers crossed, and thankyou to everyone who's suggested & tried to find the correct drivers.

For future ref.. I'm buying a serial CARD next time, I can deal with that! lol!

Thanks alot...
the only driver that worked for me is the CH341SER.exe
with some warnings during install, but it worked.
I am using WINXP Pro SP3.

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