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The dreaded 6 LED webcam from ebay
(10-04-2008, 12:41 PM)davey6 Wrote: that driver can be found here.

:thankyou: :thankyou: :thankyou: :thankyou: :thankyou:
Hello to all, I do not speak English and of this I make excuses myself, but I have need of aid.
I have acquired a webcam to 6 led without marks but I do not find the drivers just for windows XP for sp2.
The information of which they are in possession are:
ID: USB \ VID_06A2& PID_0003
that is Topro Technology.
The Topro Technology has created of the drivers according to the associated sensor cmos:
930525 Topro EVS350
930722 Topro PAS302
930726 Topro MT9V011
9301007 Topro 7131R
but nobody works.
What I make?
I throw via? Comp1
Thanks. < translate from >
Sono spiacente di dire che il topro non offre i trasferimenti dal sistema centrale verso i satelliti per le loro camme. ho soltanto un driver possibile per una camma di topro e quello può essere trovato qui.
Grazie, li ho provati tutti ... proverò anche questo e farò sapere.
Thanks, I have tried them all… I will try also this and I will make to know.
can any body gives me a driver of this cam
the ebay link is not working.
please read this topic and find your cams chipset.

let us know what that chipset is and what windows you are running
I have the same STYLE camera.....6 LED, mic, etc.....Mine does not have the led/volume adjuster like the others and there is no brand name or anything on it. I looked inside and its the same deal. No CLEAR chipset except for VERY SMALL black one saying "SE8119AKN 657-LF"

Another user posted about a camera he had. (same as mine, same serial as above) but he never found a driver. He said his was from D-tech/Kinstone. End of the post he was going to contact the manufacture (YEAAA RIGHT.....)

Mine looks exactly like kinstone KS-1211 model usb webcam.

his post...

BTW. I have tried EVERY driver on here. one by one, reboot after reboot, and nothing.....When I first plug my camera into USB it just tells me its a "USB DEVICE". Nothing else. tried on 4 diff comps all running winxp PRO sp3
Am running Vista 64bit and my 6 led webcam is the Z-Star ZS - 211 LF.
Is there any driver i can download to get it working?
sorry zstar have not done a 64bit driver for this cam.
all you can do is try loading it by the compatibility wizard
hi i just bought a 300k usb 6 LED webcam from ebay. it says in the ad that it works with yahoo messenger but i cant get it to work. i've tried searching for drivers on the net and nothing works. how do i get it to work. the actual webcam itself does work, when i go into my computer i can see myself when i click on the webcam but when i try to have others view it on yahoo messenger the screen is black. what do i do to fix this?
sorry only just seen this post.
i don't use yahoo myself i use msn but the two programs do have a webcam wizard built in them.
it should be listed under tools.
run the wizard and it should adjust its self to the program
i got the same cam and tryed most the drivers i got the driver in the end it is ---->genius_eye310_drv415<----this installed no problem ty for the help anyway......
Hello, I have this camera too (got it from y-shop-net)and was able to get it installed with the cd it came with but have since lost that CD and reimaged my computer.
I tried the vimicro app but it couldnt detect anything
I took it apart and the chipset says


Know which driver i can use for this?
Ive tried a bunch, will probably need to sys restore to try anymore
yes i have that chipset driver in my download section.
now please note sonix for some reason updated that chipset at some point and did not give it a version number.
try the early drivers first before you move on to the later drivers.


that chipset ZC0301PLH is not sonix that a vimicro chipset.
i have that one listed here.

ripping the back off these cams and looking is the best way to find the driver it saves hours of work and try this and try that
I just got mine today and the driver disk that came with it shows up as a CD-R on my computer...go figure

I ripped the back off to find that the center of the pcb where the chip is happens to be covered by a thick black plastic blob.

I guess I can try each driver one by one...but is there any other way to find out which chipset it is without visually seeing it?

Device Id:

Hardware IDs:

I put the mini cd-r in a different computer and the driver showed up, I installed it and it works like a charm!

Can you suggest any neat programs for webcams?
try some free software from

if your pc did not see a cd-r it may well be down to your drive.
some cdroms just won't read a cd-r at all and others will.
if you got the driver off the disk best to keep it safe on a memory pen or if you wish you can upload it to this site.
details on how to do that can be found here.
i keep all drivers sent to the site , after testing will move it to the main domain and download section.
(11-06-2007, 12:57 AM)narcosiss Wrote: Still nothing :( I'm having real trouble with this!

I removed all the drivers, can't use system restore cause I disabled it.

The setup files installed to program files/common files/snpstd and there was an inf file there which I pointed the device manager driver install at. I also tried pointing it at the whole folder. I just got the error "The specified location does not contain information about your hardware". This is with both the sn9c102 and the p model.

Do you have a solution?

when you updated driver how did you point it to inf. whatever that means ? please help i have a eight led webcam from ebay but they use the same drivers.....

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