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net-lynx drivers for XP
i try to find XP drivers for ADSL ROUTER NET-LYNX ART514CX

thats a odd modem.

it was made by the old speedcom company , their main website no longer works so i think they have gone out of business now.
i have found that pro-net still list's that model number so it may be a sister company to speedcom.
the product spec can be found here.

now to get support from that company you must fill in a online form and that can be found here.

if your trying to connect by lan you should be able to access the onboard admin menu.

try typing the following ip address in to your browser and see if it allows you access.
When trying to access the Configuration screens,make sure you have your PC on the same IP range as the router. eg, the IP of your PC could be with a subnet mask of (For others, yes I know there are other ways, but let's keep it simple and straight forward).

If you can't access the router configuration page via the IP Dave supplied, try powering up the router, locate the Reset button (usually at the rear and often it is a recessed button), press and hold the button for 10 seconds and release. Watch the lights on the front panel and see if they go through a boot sequence. If that doesn't reset the router to Factory Defaults, press and hold for 30 seconds.

Let us know if that works. If it doesn't, we still have a few tricks left.

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