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6 led webcam - z-star zs0211-lf - black screen
hi all,

you all seem very helpfull,

ive been browesing this forum for the best part of 2 hours, reading up, trying different browsers...

nothings working, i get different results with drivers, some work and just display a black screen when broadcasting the image...others fail to reconise the hardware..

to get ahead..ive opened it up like suggested..

the exact info on the chip is:






im at a loss now...

any help? anyone?

im running windows xp.

any other info required..?

well the correct driver for that is the zs211 listed here.

if after you install the driver the cam is showing a black screen please check the following.
you have removed the lens cover ( sounds silly but some people forget )
you have used the audio and video wizard in msn messenger or what ever im program you use.
oh i forgot if your using vista 32bit with this cam please read this to install the driver the correct way or you will get big problems with that cam.
im using windows Xp,

lens cap is off :)

due to un-installing/re-installing all the numerous drivers...

could you talk me through doing a fresh install?

e.g "reset" the drivers, start clean..


if you have used alot of drivers try doing this to get the system clean.

go in to add remove programs.
remove all the drivers you have tryed to date.

now click start , all programs , accessories , system tools , system restore

follow what system restore screen tells you and restore the pc back to a day before you started installing all the drivers.
restart the pc when its finished that .
now try the zs211 driver once more.

if it still fails to work try the cam on another pc/laptop with the same driver if it shows a black screen on that comptuer as well the cam will need to be replaced.
hi sir davey... im just new member... im searching for this driver and i get in to your site... tnks alot sir.... i got the driver and it works... ^_^
im using the same cam but im runnin windows 7? any ideas on what to do?
it will really depend on two things.
what version of windows 7 your running 32bit or 64bit.
and if you have version 1 of this cam or a later version.

please call up the cam device id string as that will tell me what version you have.
and your system icon will tell you what version of windows your running.


for some basic info as i know microsoft now have drivers for this cam on windows update your can try the following.
make sure your firewall and anti-virus are shut down.
go in to device manager ( click start, in the search type device manager hit enter )
right click on the problem cam and select update driver, allow windows to auto search and allow it to have access to the net.
make sure your using a main usb hub , these are the first two on the back of a pc and the ones on the back of a laptop.
at last but not least, make sure your usb drivers are fully up to date.

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