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webcam driver conflict
I am having a driver conflict between my Webcam and my PC TV card after installing my Webcam my PC TV won't work?
I know that I am having some kind of a driver conflict and am not sure how to fix it or if it can be fixed.? ? I am running a Hewlett-Packard Pavilion a 465 C. with Windows X. P. professional service pack 2.? ? The camera is a vimicro model number is zco301plh and I'm not real sure what the TV card is it just says on the box super TV tuner I know it has built-in FM radio.? ? I can't get the Webcam and my TV to work when the drivers or programs are installed together. they will work if installed seperate . Any help you can give me would be appreciated thank you very much to your time.? ? Jack
may not be a driver conflict it might be irq sharing thats giving you the problem.

go into your bios and reset the irq's to full auto.

see if that stops the conflict.

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