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ECS P4M800-M7
Thanks for the advice. I will look into buying the AGP card.

The Nvidia GE Force 8400 GS card that I bought is a standard PCI and it fit fine into one of the 3 PCI slots available. It's in a black purple box with 512MB DDR2 ram. I probably wasn't clear with the model number or something :<)

The thing that I found strange is that in BIOS you could choose between the Primary device being PCI or AGP. If I choose PCI than I got a blank screen if the monitor was connected the the 8400 card but the onboard worked fine. If I choose AGP than I would see it boot when connected to the 8400 card but it would lock up which is why I thought power might be the issue. In either case the onboard always booted fine. I even tried disabling the VGA adapter in windows 7 with no luck.

On another note, I tried an old Nvidia Model P117 AGP card but I cannot find windows 7 drivers for that card either :<(

(08-25-2010, 07:41 PM)davey6 Wrote: i think i can see where you have gone wrong here.
the geforce 8400 is pci express x2 card, its not a standard pci card and i am suprised you even got it to fit a slot.
the main gfx slot on that board is AGP only.
nvidia support that right up to the geforce 7300, but as far as i know they did not do the geforce 8400 in agp.

the main onboard video on that board is built in the Via p4m800 chipset.
now checking with them they don't seem to have anything better then whats already built in to windows 7.

i am sorry to say that onboard gfx is very limited 3d wise.
i think your best choice here would be to take that new card back and get a AGP card off ebay or new if possible.
going by the age of that machine and the psu inside it i would say go for the geforce 6200 agp 256meg.
that will support almost all of the windows 7 eye candy and screen savers.

hum interesting reading i just found.
that nvidia card has trouble with via chipsets.
Compatibility issue with PCI-E 1.0a
to be honest ditch it and stay with good old AGP on that board.

if my memory is still working and i hope that it is the Nvidia Model P117 was the mx440 or mx400 windows 7 wil have built in support for that.
nvidia don't offer any other drivers so again with that card you will be stuck with out the box windows 7 drivers only.

out of the two onboard or 440 i would go for the 440 , reason being they are both pretty limited in what they can do but the 440 does support 3d rendering all be on the slow side, plus you free up the system memery by using a agp card.

Hi Davey! I've a problem adjusting the screen resolution of my monitor. Im using Acer LCD Monitor with model number X153w.
I also could not play any games even with the correct drivers installed.
I read and followed the instructions you've posted regarding VGA driver for ECS P4M800-M7.

via 4 in one driver.
s3/via Unichrome Pro

The current screen resolution is set to 800 x 600. How will I be able to set it to a higher resolution? I'm not sure if the motherboard supports higher resolutions.

Hope you could help me on this.
Thanks in advance!
Ooops! I think I've already fixed the problem. I just tried switching from LCD to CRT then back to LCD. Hmm... Don't know how it happened. Anyway, I couldn't possibly do that without your guides and links.
that on board video will support higher res then 600x800

when your looking at your desktop right click the mouse and select properties.
click settings tab and increase the screen to 1024x768

On the Display adapters, when the VIA/S3G Unichrome Pro IGP is enabled, the resolution is set to
800 x 600 only. When it is disabled, the resolution can be adjusted to 1024 x 768, and every time I tried to play a game an error occurred-
'error: access violation at 0x00641302 (tried to read from 0x0000000), program terminated'
Even if VIA/S3G Unichrome Pro IGP is enabled I still couldn't play any games, the desktop icons on the screen keeps on blinking, until there's nothing else to do but restart the computer.

Please help, I don't know what else to do.

ok remove the via chipset drivers and VIA/S3G Unichrome Pro IGP from add remove programs.

restart your pc.

go online and download direct x updates.

again restart the pc

then reinstall the via chipset, make sure you enable AGP support in the driver.
restart once again,
the install the VIA/S3G

if that does not slove the problem are you 100% sure your running the onboard video ?
reason i ask is this board does have a AGP port on it, if a card is plugged in to that teh via/s3 driver will not work, it will install but won't run
any plugged in card.
if your unsure please look at teh back of yoru pc.
if the monitor is plugged in where the group of other ports are IE mouse , printer , serial then its running onboard video.

if it plugs in lower down on the case you might have a agp card in the system.
Hello sir i am also using p4m800 micro 775 ver 3.1
i have display problem :-
when i try to enlarge to full screen my movie plays slow and pix elated i installed latest s3 drivers (uni chrome 2d/3d )from via site and 4 in 1 hyperion chipset also but invain resolution is same the smaller screen movies run fine but when try to full screen it becomes pixellated and slow i am very annoyed

there really is not much you can do about that.
its the onboard video that is limiting the full screen display of the program your running.
to limit the slowness please shut down all other programs your not using at the time.
messenger, email programs e.t.c
the more programs you shut down the better the playback will be as your pc will only be doing just the one thing.

the other possible thing you can do is allow the onboard video to use more of the system memory.
to increase that memory size go in to the bios call up the onboard video and then increase the memory size

that old s3 gfx was never any good at dvd or movie playback, its just a cheap onboard option that is perfect for normal office work but crap at everything else.
I think this ' good for office' but not for playing super movies seems right soon i am gonna change that.
that board does have a AGP port x8 so nothing to stop you plugging in a AGP card and getting the best out of this older system.

the geforce 6600GT, 6800 GT, 6800ultra will all play a full screen dvd as they use a hardware decoder built in the GFX chip and less of the CPU to play a film.

its something worth thinking about if your money is a little tight,
second cards are cheap on ebay now as pci express has taken over.

sir davey u format my pc but i have no motherboard driver, pls help me where i cab get the driver, my board is ecs p4m800-m7:thinking:

the main motherboard driver set for windows xp can be found here.

if your using the onboard GFX you will need this set as well

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