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Icatch 6 led drivers
Due to my host being a pain i have had to move these drivers to the download section please click here and log in with your membership to access the full driver downloads for these cams.

here you will find the icatch 6 led cam drivers.
the one listed as zs211 is the ebay 6 led cam that looks like this.
[Image: 6led.jpg]

to install the ebay cam driver please follow this.

the self install does not always work so the best way to get the driver install is to do it this way.

download and fully unpack the zs211 zip to a folder on your desk top.

plug the cam in and let windows find new hardware.
when it goes to install the driver tell it. install from a location.
browse to the folder you unpacked on your desk top and open it.
click next on the driver file in the browse box.

follow what windows tells you from that point.

i have installed and un-installed this cam and that way works best.
if you wish to run the cam self view run the self? ? install AFTER THE DRIVER HAS BEEN INSTALLED.

i have found that with just the driver installed the cam works very well on msn messenger.

one thing i did notice when installing this cam windows calls up its model number even without the driver install so if you plug your cam in it should say pc camera XXXX if yours differs from zs211 let me know i will try and find a driver on the numbers windows calls up.

I just found another driver for these cams driver file name is WCM-NV13 sorry i can't add it to the board being 13meg in size but you can download it from this link.

nv13.zip and 211+2030 zip because of the pesky bots i have had to move these drivers you can now find them in the download section / camera below.

another version of the zmc211 uploaded by member hiramsuito can now be found in the download section under webcam 6 led
my thanks to hiramsuito for this driver.

new driver just shown to me by smurfpotter624 for the zs211 under windows vista 64bit.
too big to add direct to board but can be downloaded free from here.

this section of drivers was getting too big for the forum software attachment system all drivers that were listed here can now be found in the download section of the froum

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