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Sony Vaio VGN-FZ160E vista downgrade
Ok, done. I hope you at least wrote down all of the Vista settings, driver makes, and models. ATM, the links to the ones collected here are locked out because the bots were hardlinking and stealing the bandwidth. Not that any of the Sony and manufacturer's links are down - just faster to know exactly what to look for during the 'net searches.
Thanks again.

I don't know what the problem is, but at the first screen of XP setup, I hit F6 and then after that get the "specify driver" screen and I am able select the driver from the list. Before I uninstalled Vista I had wrote down the driver name, so I know exactly what to choose. The name of the driver is "Intel? 82801HEM/HBM SATA AHCI Controller (Mobile ICH8M-E/M)". After this, XP Setup sees the drive and I am able to format it, but at one point even before the first reboot, right after examining the disks, it says

"Insert the disk labeled:

Intel Matrix Storage Manager driver

into drive A:

and my problems start, because I think the floppy disk, which has been in the drive, is for that driver, but for some reason XP do not go pass that screen.

Do you think the driver I specified above is different than what you have in the intel raid floppy disk? Is there a way of installing this drive w/ a floppy disk?


Yes, I have written down everything.

Thank you,
Readme.txt in the driver file says that's the one for that controller, and I believe it's the one Sugfry used to get his running.
Looking back quickly, I see that he had to slipstream his storage manager into the XP SP2 disk - that's the trick to get these Sonys going. Read back a couple of pages and you'll see what he did, and the links to the how-to's in making a slipstream XP cd with n-lite.
ok i deleted all the drivers from this topic as i can't see where they have gone the folder is there but its empty.

so i have downloaded both the sata and the sata raid drivers and bunched them in to one zipfile.

you will need two blank floppies to make the disk then you add the files from the floppies to a new install of windows xp.
how to add those files can be found here.

as you can see in this topic its the only way to get this sony to accept the driver.
how to put those files in to xp can be found here.

pasound can you just double check the board accepted ths driver by downloading it and unpacking.
i checked and it worked i just want to make double sure.
All there, boss!
You guys have been really helpful. Thanks again.

This is very I am at now:

I downloaded and installed nLite (a great application in my opinion) and did some customizations, the most important imported the driver files you had uploaded, prepared an iso image and burnt it into a CD. Setup started and this time it loaded (at least that's what I felt) much more drivers than before, but at the end gave me the error: "The file iaStor.sys is corrupted." Press any key to continue (Exit setup) :(

Any ideas?

Thank you,
This is really getting interesting guys...

I downloaded a driver from the following link (it had the exact name for my driver)


I created the WinXP SP2 bootable disk w/ nLite again and integrated this driver.

It seemed like I was going to be able install it finally, but got the following error after the first reboot (I came this far, yes) with a blue screen:

STOP: c000021a {Fatal System Error}
The Session Manager Initialization system process terminated unexpectedly with a status of 0xc0000034 (0x00000000 0x00000000).
The system has been shut down.

At least I saw the WinXP logo :) LOL

I would appreciate any comments on this.

Well, the driver is correct, as you disk booted and started the install process (it had to load, as some files are copied to the hard drive, thus the Windows screen upon reboot). That one is a slightly older version of the one we had earlier.

The stop error is a session manager problem which I've usually only known after a faulty Microsoft Update install. Did you slipstream in any post-SP2 updates? If so, bad idea - remove them from your image and start the image over. Many of those require existant files to overwrite, not creating new ones in a fresh install.
I am experiencing trouble finding the Ethernet controller driver, and mass storage controller. Does anyone have these hosted or able to send me these? Please let me know. Thanks
well going by what i can see at sony your lan is the Marvell Yukon 88E8036 PCI-E

so this set of drivers for windows xp should get that running.

mass storage controller could be one of two things.
a card reader or your motherboard drivers are missing.
this laptop is based on the intel 965 chipset family and i would load up both the laptop and desk top drivers found here.


if its the card reader try the vista driver.

unpack the driver and don't use the self install.
use device manager update driver option on the mass storage problem and point it to the unpacked driver files.
it should load up if its your card reader giving problems as most card readers are using the xp drivers even in vista its just the self install that differs.
the ethernet controller driver did not work, it said "this update is not intended for use with your computer model"
Is it a diffrent driver, or do i need to do a modification
Is your model the VGN-FZ160E? If it's a different model, it might have a different ethernet controller.
Have found that some of the Vista specific hardware do NOT have XP drivers. This may be the case here.
maybe that driver from sony is linked to the model it came from however try this set direct from marvell
that worked, all my drivers work, i can't seem to get my webcam working, anyone want to assist with helping me get this driver?
not a problem that laptop has the vgp vcc4

the driver can be found here on this post, i know this driver does work with xp as i used it myself on a downgrade.

unpack that driver and install it by device manager.
then use the wizard in msn messenger or yahoo messenger to set the cam up.
my disc drives detects when i put a cd in the drive but can not read the
my disc drives detects when i put a cd in the drive but can not read the files on a disc, am i missing a driver? if so, which one?

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