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Sony Vaio VGN-FZ160E vista downgrade
Does it read any cd's at all? Does the cd you are trying work in other computers/drives? It's not a driver problem. DVD and cd drives do not need drivers - all use the built-in drivers from Microsoft, which are always included in the operating system.

It's not impossible the drive is bad/failing, but I will not conclude that until we know for sure it won't read anything.
and just to add to this.
is the disk your trying to read a self made one on a cdrw ?
if so is the disk closed so it can be seen by any drive.

if your using a open session disk without the burning software that made that disk installed it will show as blank to windows.
This thread, which I found on Google, has helped me a LOT. I have the same exact model laptop and followed all the instructions, I now have xp running and just worked out a bunch of different drivers.

My issue now is with my sound driver. I installed the SigmatelAudioDriverV5.10.5067.0.exe from It works, except when I plug in my headphones into the headphone jack, sound still comes from the laptop speakers...

Do you know where I could find updated audio driver for xp? I've looked everywhere. Thanks.
the problem is in the sigmaltel driver.

try the HD driver i have listed here that worked 100% on a downgrade i did myself.
it came from a early model with the same sound.
download the whole audio folder.
you can then try the setup exe file or try the update driver option in device manger.
Ah, I see. How do you download those drivers from that page exactly?

Also, I'm having trouble installing the Mass Storage Controller you put up from Intel on the previous page... The Update Driver can't see that as a correct driver for the Controller... I also tried doing the self install and it doesn't work either, any help?

i will sort those drivers out later tonight , i need to zip them back up.
i did open them for someone and forgot to switch it back.

are you sure its the intel driver you need and not the card reader.
some card readers are classed as mass storage controllers.
i'm not sure... i thought i installed the card reader earlier. i don't ever use the card reader, and it reads usb drives fine...

the problem is when i play my world of warcraft game, it will crash the computer anywhere from 5-20 minutes into the game. goes to a blue screen and i have to restart... i thought maybe the unknown mass storage had something to do with it...

edit: also, i don't have the driver for the "modem device on high definition audio bus"

so other than that and the mass storage controller, everything else seems to be installed fine after the downgrade
ok go back to that sony folder i rezipped the audio and sata drivers for you.
give those a try.
It seems the mass storage controller isn't for SATA, I'm guessing I have those already. The sound drives don't seem to work either... But it isn't really causing me any trouble.

By the way, I really appreciate all your help... couldn't have downgraded without this thread :)
I'm pretty sure mass storage controller is for the multi-function card reader.
Hey Dave, I was wondering if you could zip those other Sony drivers you have on the page of yours. I want to try and see if installing them will fix some of the problems I'm having.

Much appreciated.
i will get round to doing that later today for you.
ok all done.
to stop the bots scanning and linking i have added them to the download section below.
can you paste the drivers for VGN-FZ160E Downgrade ?
because on the link i find drivers for another model
thank you!
Dear Sugfry, is there a way you can summarize how to make the CD you created, or would there be a way to obtain a copy from you. I have the exact same problems you have encountered. I have a product key since I already bought the xp cd (32-bit) and cannot get past the issue of finding the drive after the CD is read.

Any help will be greatly appreciated.

Best regards
have a read of this guide.

it explans who to add service packs , controller's e.t.c
one thing to note when adding a sata driver its the files inside the folder that needs to be added to the disk, not the whole folder.

if you don't have nlite that can be found here.
Davey6 thank you for your prompt response. I am not a systems admin or expert. So it will take several days before I post back with my slow progress after I try what you indicated. I will let you know if I am successful. Thanks!!

hi.i'm new here.i just wanna tell u those links are not working.i mean xp dirvers for network,audio etc..could u send them to me ? my e-mail adress is thank u for everything..i appricate that..
I had the file site off line for a while this afternoon while i done a full backup.
the files are now fully working as i just tested them.
"Modem Device On High Definition Audio Bus"

What is that?

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