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Fujitsu Siemens Amilo Li1718 - Vista to XP Pro Drivers
Hey, I might just try that! I've got the two 512 chips...........
I am just wasting my life away rebooting this bloody thing!
I just want it to go faster
...troubleshooting is constant rebooting...
OK I'm going to reboot again with maybe 1.5 gig when it wakes up!
Will let you know if Fujitsu comes back with an answer, Thanks again
You were right! It does see 1.5 gig now!
Am I asking a lot for it to see another half a gig?
Cruised some message boards looking about Fujitsu memory problems - didn't find anything about this, directly, so it might be that it won't see 2G, or you might not have the correct memory. Another question, are the settings for the old and new memory the same? Look at it with everest, and let us know what the settings are for the 512 and 1g chips - we have it here:

I would think that they are different.
you have done well here.

the ATI RC415ME only supports 1 gig of memory its not a bios limit but a limit in the chipset its self.
fujitsu list 512 or 1 gig to get it to see 1.5 is above what it should be.

the only way you may get it see 2 gig is to buy a match pair of ram sticks but to slow down the cl speed to give the chipset a chance of seeing the whole lot.

[ Memory Devices / M1 ]

Memory Device Properties:
Form Factor DIMM
Type Detail Synchronous
Size 1024 MB
Total Width 64-bit
Data Width 64-bit
Device Locator M1
Bank Locator Bank 0

[ Memory Devices / M2 ]

Memory Device Properties:
Form Factor DIMM
Type Detail Synchronous
Size 512 MB
Total Width 64-bit
Data Width 64-bit
Device Locator M2
Bank Locator Bank 1
Physical Memory:
Total 1277 MB
Used 694 MB
Free 583 MB
Utilization 54 %

Swap Space:
Total 4234 MB
Used 923 MB
Free 3311 MB
Utilization 22 %

Nothing looks amiss with my untrained eyeThinking
Are you referring to the video? see:

Video Adapter ATI RADEON XPRESS 200M Series (256 MB)
Video Adapter ATI RADEON XPRESS 200M Series (256 MB)
3D Accelerator ATI Radeon Xpress 200M (RC410M)
no its not the video that has its own built in memory ( 256 )

the main chipset that controls the whole laptop is the ATI RC415ME
its that giving you the problems with the memory amount seen by windows.
i am sorry to say you can't do anything about the max memory supported by any chipset.
intel have a higher limit but even they do have a set limit.

laptops are worse for memory support then a desktop due to the space and limits set on the motherboards.
only top the range brand new laptops will take higher memory rates of 2 or 4 gig.
But as I said earlier, its the bios that isnt seeing it, not windows.
Please excuse my ignorance, I thought this was a case of plugging in and away we go!
Fujitsu manual specs:
 Up to 2GB DDR2 SDRAM in two memory SO-DIMM
In Everest, under motherboard, you have sub entries of Memory and SPD. SPD shows the timing. If the chips were mis-matched, the timings at the motherboard's clocked memory speed would be different, or the motherboard might not clock them at all, and therefore not boot.

But I realize what is hapening here is the chipset limitation. Crucial's Memory Advisor has only data that the manufacturers supply, and sometimes those can be incorrect (or "exaggerated"). Back to the example of the Toshiba Satellite I worked on last year. Manual said 2 1G chip capacity, Crucial said the same. Purchased 2 chips, only 1.5G showed up, and it crashed a lot. Turned out to be Toshiba's mis-statement using the supplied motherboard chipset. Sometimes the manufacturers under-clock or over-clock the system to get better specs, especially if it's marketing vs. engineering to get the model out on time, "as advertised".

I see that your system is borrowing 256M of total ram capacity for the video. If you don't use it for heavy graphics-related work, you might try turning down the amout of memory allocated in the bios to the video. This will free up a bit more for the rest of the work. Skipping or slow redraws will show it's not enough memory for the video. That setting is up to you.

Also, make sure you set your pagefile size to either 1.5 times the total memory (minimum size), or set the options to "system managed size". That option is under System Properties/Advanced/Performance/Advanced - Virtual Memory - Change. That is the amout of space set aside for Windows to use as extra memory on the hard drive.
I had the same problems with a Advent 7074 a few months back here it does say it supports 2 gig.

like wise it has the ATI chipset.
and again it would not support the full amount of memory.
bios would read 1 gig windows would read 1.36 ( allow for onboard gfx )

fujisu should be able to tell you what is the best memory for that laptop and what is the best CL to use in that memory.
if you find you have two sims running as a example.

677 at a CL2 but the boards max is 677 CL3 then the bios will look at the memory as overclocked and may not see it or read it in the correct way.
if you have mismatched sims and a poor bios the same will happen as it trys to read both sims at the same rate but one is running a little faster then the other.

contact fujisu and ask them what is the max memory speed and CL time this laptop will support.
then try and get a matched pair of sims that are the same make model number and CL speed rate.
that is the best way of trying to get any computer laptop or desktop to see and use all its memory.

but as pasound states what you read in a manual and what are listed in the specs is not always ture, its a guide only.

when you have done as many computers and laptops as i have over the years you see the manual for what it really is a badly worded sometimes wrong guide that will bring a computer tech to the stage of throwing a computer out a window.
Thanks guys for all of the advice.
Have emailed Fujitsu, lets see what they have to say.
In the meantime, my daughter has the same laptop so I'll let her have the spare gig at least it speeds things up quite a bit!
Well, at least both of you have a better setup now. Did a little reading on the Fujitsu forum - saw your post - and read every help thread about memory capacity. Was interesting in that every (seemingly) Fujitsu-connected person who answered "how much" simply stated what the manuals say.

Not a lot of help over there, but at least a lot of links to XP and vista drivers.
Hi again!
Would you credit it, I tried the 1 gig in my daughters (the same as mine), but no go.
It only reads the 1 gig and not the extra old 512mb. You mentioned the ATI RC415ME is there anyway to alter this?
??? scratches head here ???

This is the exact same make and model? And the memory chips are seated the same? You are sure they are locked in tightly...
exactly the same, even bought on the same day! Very weird..
make sure the smaller of tho two sims is in slot one and the bigger in slot two.
also check both laptops are running the same bios version.
if your daughters laptops is still running the out of box bios config set up by fujitsu, make sure you load it up its defaults to change all settings back to full auto.

you can not change the ATI chipset its the main part of the motherboard controlling everything.
Will try it later and let you know the outcome.
Just one thing, the two slots are one on top of the other, I presume the lower one is No.1? On mine the larger is on the bottom.
i would think the lower of the two should be slot one.

do you remmeber what slot Fujitsu had the memory in as that would be slot one.

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