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Fujitsu Siemens Amilo Li1718 - Vista to XP Pro Drivers
I stripped down a Fujitsu last night, removing the user's added memory, before she ships it back to her employer to trade in for an new laptop. The factory-installed memory was in the lower slot, and we added a chip last year to the top slot.
Hey guys,
glad to see that other people have faced the same problems as i had
the past two days...
I have formated one of my friends Fujitsu-Siemens Amilo Li1718
in order to get rid of the Vista and come back to the usual
OS XP PRO... I followed every single detail of your helpfull posts
but i still have problem with my network.
I have installed both the Launch Manager to get the buttons operating, and the drivers given. However, despite the fact that it
sees every single network at the network connections, it just cannot
connect in any of them... Oh, and i should mention that in one of my
many attempts to connect, it connected in a home wireless network
without internet connection, but since then nothing happened...
Any usefull advice, please???
sounds like a firewall problem, shut down any third party firewall and the windows firewall and try and connect.
everything ok now my friend...
thank you very much for your help...
i was about to throw it away from my window!!!
Thanks again...:)
but is it safe to have windows firewall down?
i am about to install kaspersky anyway, so do i have to have windows firewall too??
If you have a 2nd party firewall, it will override and turn off the Windows firewall when you install it. If you are only installing the Kaspersky AV, you'll need the windows firewall. The firewall is not a problem, except when installing new drivers or devices such as printers and such. The installers need access, and the firewall won't recognize them until the installation is finished.
once you get the driver installed switch it back on it should auto config a rule now and allow the net to work.
kaspersky is much better then the standard firewall , if you have that then i would say forget the windows firewall and install kaspersky.
please, send Drivers in my email:
amilo li 1718
sorry no email address in the world would accept a 200+ meg file , its just not possible to send these drivers by email

download them from here.
I've had the following problem on Windows Xp and Windows 7: Sometimes the wireless card is detected, sometimes not. It's just like it doesn't exist, it even doesn't ask me for drivers, and the wireless activation button won't work. The only solution is to restart the notebook.
What's the problem? Please someone help me.
if the card is sometimes not showing and refusing to work with the on off key it could be a bad or dirty contact on the mini pci card to motherboard.
turn the laptop off then flip it over,
you should see a access panel,
remove the panel to get at the card.
remove the card, clean its contacts with a school rubber
then replace the card in the laptop
I don't think it's either of the problems. This is happening since I bought it. I was thinking that a bios update should help resolve the problem, but I heard about this type of update that is very risky.
the card may well still be loose in its slot,
these machines are built in a factory where they turn them out by the hunderds.

check the card just to rule it out more then anything else.

a bios update does carry a risk,
if the bios update is not 100% correct for your laptop or you get a power out or even a memory crash while the bios is being reflashed you end up with a non booting machine.

bios stands for basic input output system, with out it working nothing else on your motherboard knows what it is doing.

you have one other option to think about as well.
replace the card with a more up to date wifi N+
the one you have in there now if its the standard shipped card is the G

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