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Vista Downgrade
Hi dave tis me again!

your never on msn these days!!

I have nats mums laptop its a fuji siemens, came with shitsta installed, but when i put windows xp disk in to install xp it just goes straight past and boots vista!! how do i downgrade?

Also why is this in spanish ----> :lol.GIF:
I forget to switch msn on these days must be getting old.

now now ste you should really know better by now old davey should put you over my knee and spank your bottom Eek

what is the model number of that laptop ?

well i speak spanish so i can't see a problem with having a spanish smiley.
Errm its a model or 2 up from mine so not sure fcuked car up cntr go c it lol
cntr go c it lol what the hell does that mean
Thinking Huh?
davey6 Wrote:cntr go c it lol what the hell does that mean

I think what they mean is they fucked up their car so they cant go c what model lol

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