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I stuffed up
I am newbe and i really stuffed up my pc.
I reinstalled windows xp home on my system now I have no sound , lan , display is horrible.

I really need help with this.
we all stuff up :D:D

going to need more info from you.

as your a newbe i will try and be plan.

download , install and run this little program.


with that program running.
in the left hand list click motherboard , in the big box click motherboard again.
post back with your motherboard make and model number.

again look in the left hand list click
display , in the large box click gpu

post back with what it tells you.
I hope this is correct :(

cool program by the way

motherboard = ga-81875

display gpu = geforce 6800 nv40

hope that is all correct is that all the info you need don't seem that much to me.

what next :question:
thats all the info i need.

right some of these drivers will need direct x 9c before you do anything download and install direct x 9c from this link

main motherboard driver , sound , lan can be found here.

load them in this order.

chipset , lan , sound.

video card driver can be found here.

that little lot should get everything working again.

any problems , questions post back.
WOW it worked,
everything is now working again i can't tell you how pleased i feel right now.
I can't thank you enough all that from two little numbers.
two little numbers is all it takes sometimes,

glad its all working now,

tip for you as your a newbe ,
download and burn all those drivers to a cdrom.
if you ever have to re format your pc again you will have the drivers to hand.

I done it again :(

I had a virus attack my pc and reformatted the drive to get rid of it.

I followed your past advice but i can not open the gigabyte link.
is there another way i can get the drivers :question:
try gigabytes main site.

the uk site does open for me.

do you have anti virus on your machine ?
if not have a look here for some free ones, will offer you some protection from another attack.
would also be a good idea to download ad-aware.
thats a anti spyware program.


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