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how to remove virus from bios
my laptop hangs at begining,shows some blue screen of virus,how i re move from the bios. bios has passward,i dont know that,please some body help me in cracking passward and upgrading bios....thanks
A virus in the bios is normaly cleared by reloading its defaults after you have allowed it to discharge by remove-ing all power even the bios battery.
however you have a problem if the bios is password coded.
newer laptops hold this password in a flash read write part of the cmos and this does not clear even with all power removed.

if you can prove that you bought this laptop take it to a pc repair shop they will have to contact the people that made it IE : dell and ask for the master reset code to clear the password.

are you sure its the bios that holds the virus and not the boot section of your hard drive ?
to test that remove the hard drive from the laptop.
put your windows xp or vista disk in the cdrom and start the laptop.
if the install windows starts without a problem its your hard drive boot section that holding the virus.

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