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video and audio drivers MCE
2 questions before I try that.

What's the easiest way to reinstall Windows. Should I use my original Recovery System CDs to do this?

What do you mean by "try your onboard intel video"? Does it refer to the installing the driver you post or some other action?

I just want to make sure that I get it before I do it.
reinstall windows yes use the system recovery disk set.

to use the onboard video you will need to shut the pc down. remove the main power cord to the wall, remove your case and then take out the single screw holding the ati card to the case and remove the card from the system.

replace your case, power cord and start system up on the onboard video it should now work as your bios does not auto detect the ati card.
then install the driver i listed at intel
So I tried Option 1 and it didn't work, my computer acted exactly the same as before, so I had to go to safe mode and restore it to the previous point.
Option 2 worked. I mean I removed the ati card from the system and isnstalled the driver at intel and there is no yellow question marks anymore. I mean there is one under PCI but only because I haven't yet installed the audio driver after reinstalling Win Xp, but you gave me the link so I know what to do.

The Media center doesn't give me the video error anymore!
You rock man!!!

One question though, what about the ati card that I removed? Is it useful? It also had the tv out connector.
if the system is fully working now it may well be the ATI card thats at fault.
i have seen gfx cards break down where they work under vga mode but when you put the drivers in to get the full 32 bit colour they screw up or shut down.

the only down side to all this is your system will have a lttle less power for games and a little less system memory as its now sharing the system memory with onboard video.

if you can live with that i would leave it alone now just finish installing your sound and any programs you want to use.

see if you can get someone to test that ATI card for faults
I tried to play my DVDs but MC gives me the decoder error as well as WMP. Do you know where should I look for the Media Center video decoder and Media Player DVD decoder?
oh thats a easy one to slove your missing dvd decoding software.

download the trail version of power dvd it will install the decoder into windows, even when the trail runs out media player will still play dvd's

ok, Dave I really thank you for all your help. I'm truly impressed with your computer knowledge, your very fast responds and willingness to help.
i have the same computer cept it's a 2005. i tried everything you guys typed and it seems to work for me but the thing is my computer's been overheating for some odd reason(stays at a steady 68-74? C and my video card doesn't work worth a crap). I just want my ati x300 to work even tho i've tried all the things you said, but i don't wanna system restore my computer(i have too much important stuff on here) and for my processor to stay at lower temps(i put artic silver on there).
if you have the same system as irot , do what i said pull the ati card out the system and go over to onboard gfx .

get someone to test the ati card for faults.
over heating of a computer is one sure way of devices packing up a bit quick.

now if your cpu is over heating please check the following.
its imporant to keep the temp down inside a case the heat from the cpu has to go somewhere so most computers these days have fans on the case, check they are all running and not blocked with dust.

you said you have used artic silver on the cpu this is good stuff as long as its not too thick, a thin layer is all thats needed if its too thick the heat gets trapped and will not pass onto the heatsink.

as a rule you need only the size of a rice grain per cpu of artic silver.
make sure you heatsink is sitting fulling home and on top of the cpu any gaps no matter how small will make it over heat.

if you have any more questions please start a new topic as it can get confusing for both myself and other members to start reading someone elses problems of the end of a post.

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