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internet connection issue
I done a clean install on the computer I cobbled together for the kids and hooked it to the router and while the machine is recognized by the router and they communicate with each other fine when I try to connect to the internet it wants to run the internet connection wizard and since it uses the ethernet adapter I removed the fried modem but the wizard still hits me with no modem detected.
Is there a workaround for this.
I have the connection options set to never dial a connection already.
since its been a while since I asked anything about this machine here is s refresher
it is mostly a Dell dimension L933 including the mb
I have win 98 se installed
As I said file sharing works fine just no connectivity using IE.
Thanks in advance guys
run the wizard once more but don't let it do a auto install.
tell it you want to choose how you connect.
when you get to the page you should be able to tell it manual setup
then choose network / lan

then you should be able to connect to the net.
well it has since developed a new issue it wont allow the wizard to run
go in to control panel.
call up internet optons , connection tab.
click lan settings.
then tell it auto detect proxy.
click apply
go back in to inter options , connections tab then tell use any connection.
click apply
see if it try's to access the net which it should but it might pop up decteing proxy settings first
I will try it out in a bit have family coming from outta town so gotta clean the place up a bit
as you can see the machine was repaired it turned out that a few of the windows features had been not installed by the slipstreaming

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