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just wondering
just curious but what is the difference between xp pro and XP Business/Corporate Edition I mean the screen still shows Xp pro but I was wondering if there was any difference between the 2
I have the xp corporate ed but it is xp pro with a muti user product key
oh ok like i said I was just wondering thanks for the lesson davey
At work, we used to be a Dell shop - so all rigs arrived new with a generic green Dell XP disk, which would install on any Dell machine made in the Inspiron and Optiplex series. The embedded VLK was universal, and always pre-activated. Only difference would be the supplied driver disks. Over time, the green got darker as SP2 was integrated into it. Before we started using Ghostcasting to image machines, I built a series of slipstreamed disks with the drivers included, as the Dell XP disk had an extra "Dell" folder for the drivers.

HP does the same thing for their VLK's.

Lenovo won the bid last year (JUNK!), and they only have a partition, no included disks, even though the install is still a VLK... I built a couple of recovery DVD's from the partitions, but they do not work the same way - their setup for our agency is strictly Ghosting , now.
oh ok I understand a little better now
network Ghostcasting is common place now you can set up alot of machines that way.

i think all new machines now ship with a recovery partition i must admit i have not bought a new machine myself for many years as i build my own ( don't we all ) but dell , hp , advent , emachines , gateway , packardbell have all done that now.
would be good idea if people remember not to partition and format the hard drive without making the backup disk first.
come across that little problem on these and other forums over the years.
really should be in the start up guide in very large red letters or stuck on the desktop when you first start a new machine " please make your backup disk now "
What I've seen on Sonys, HP's, and now Dells, is you have ONE TIME to make the recovery DVD's - that's it - the recovery dvd maker app discorporates immediately after the disks are created, and if they are lost or trashed, you only have the recovery partition to ever go back to, period. And if the rig is about to be "upgraded" to XP, forget it, even if the recovery partition is left alone, there is no "setup.exe" to get it started again.

Sux. None of them will make an image of the client's setup, either.

My investment in Ghostcast Server 11 has paid for itself so many times...
hehe well the little woman's laptop did just that.. Only one.. we tried to make another before I started to upgrade her to xp from vista. (and I do mean upgrade) She had already made her backup disk. I was going to try and use norton ghost but due to having a really old version it wouldn't work with her burner. I have ordered the latest version of ghost, should be in the mail any day now. Any suggestions of what to avoid?

Oh man sorry about the thread necromancy.
Vista... In all seriousness, the new Ghost will be able to image the machine with no problems - be prepared to burn multiple DVD's - I suggest using a usb hd to back it up, instead. Much faster, and less problems if a disk gets corrupted. If you can wait until SP1 is released next month, it includes a good Vista backup (a Ghost licensed app) - which will image bit-for-bit, and an emergency startup/recover disk can be made to use the image to recover Vista.
don't bank on sp1 for vista coming out next month.
there has been a hitch with it , i think its now coming out in mid april.

to many blue screen crashes have been reported to microsoft so i was reading on technet

once you have the main ghost copy of vista you can always back up all files using the built in back up in vista which is ghost all bit under a different name.
will take up less space if you have one main ghost copy then your up to date vista backups.
Noooooooooooooooooooooooooo, don't upgrade, stay with XP!!!

SP1 initially had a problem with some drivers so Microsoft set it up so if the drivers were detected SP1 wouldn't install but I think you had the option to force an install. Over, SP1 is a big "something censored" up. However those who have had a successful SP1 install (20 minutes on a dual core with 4 reboots) have said that boot times have been significantly reduced.

Personally, I am eagerly awaiting SP3 for XP.
Good idea..however.. I have already installed XP on the laptop. I don't doubt I will be doing others though so this is a good idea.
if you do more downgrade you know where to come,
i think its one of the biggest problems at the moment that and the icatch cam drivers.

most forums will just give up or point you else where,
i have even see a few post where they say put vista back on.Nono

lazy sods a bit of hard work and trail and error never hurt anyone.

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