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HP Pavilion dv9720eg Downgrade Sound Problems
This is one of the most helpful sites for those of us endeavouring to get an HP laptop running under XP -- thanks a lot.

After following a lot of advice and downloading loads of drivers, I have almost every device working and only one yellow exclamation mark left in the device manager -- the ominous ACPI\HPQ0007\2&DABA3FF&0 which I believe is QuickTouch and does not really bother me.

The big challenge has been the Conexant SmartAudio 221. After installing kb888111xpsp2.exe to get MS UAA running properly I started wading through the SPs on the HP server looking for a suitable version for what appears to be a 5051 Hermosa chip. The best so far has been a Waikiki driver from SP35682 ( The only problem is that the microphone ports are not found and hence the built-in mic does not work. I read your post on using V but your download definitely does not install on my machine, even though the INF file claims it is for Hermosa5051.

I wasn't really surprised because everything I have read up to now says that HP has not made an XP driver available for Hermosa 5051. Or have I failed to comprehend something fundamental? Appreciate any suggestions you might have.
the conexant 211 driver i have in the download section / sound / conexant is a microsoft signed driver for windows xp and should work with your laptop.
it also installs from windows update.
as long as the uaa driver was installed first i would try this.

delete what ever conexant sound driver you installed.
go online and use windows update over and over and see if it picks up on the sound card which it should.

now a bit of digging on the device number and i think this may well be the correct set of drivers for you hotkeys under windows xp.

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