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ebay zs211 6 led webcam under vista
I have now had time to test this cam under vista 32bit and pleased to tell all those poor people that bought one i have found a way to get it working with the driver listed here.

please note vista stops the self install so to get the cam working please follow this.

Download and unpack the zs211 driver from the above link.

plug the cam in windows will open a window click locate and install driver software.
at the firewall click continue.
when windows can't find a driver it will open another window.
click show other options.
click browse my computer for driver software.

now browse to the folder you unpacked the driver into click on that folder to find the microstar driver then click ok.

windows will now open a red security windows click install this software.

when its finished you should find your cam works under msn messenger /yahoo e.t.c

one word of warning when the driver has installed DO NOT LOAD UP THE AMI PART OF THE DRIVER.

please note also that next time you use windows update it will find a life cam driver and want to install DO NOT INSTALL THAT DRIVER

if you do the cam will stop working.
This is referring to the webcam in this page...? http://scott.yang.id.au/2006/01/bought-a-webcam/
This is the one that i have and the drivers don't seem to be working. Any other ways to fix this problem? I thought windows vista would just install it straight off but it just recognizes it as a USB2 webcam and says the driver can't be found.
is it running the ZS 211 driver ?

thats the only cam and driver i have tested with vista,
problem is there are so many different cams out now all using different drivers.
if you have the driver disk that came with the cam try the compatibility wizard
how to find that and use it can be found here.
if you have loaded the ami part of the driver, is that it? like the camera's not going to work no matter what you do? I can't figure out why my webcam STILL won't work, and i'm thinking it might be because i pretty much tried everything possible with the driver disc i was given... any suggestions?
the ami part of the driver is the little preview program used by the cam so you can test its working.
to be honest that program is cheap nasty and has not changed in years.

the only thing i can think of is your version of vista, this cam is a pig to get working with vista 32bit but under vista 64bit it won't work no matter what you do or try.
i am very confused, there are 5 or 6 files at the linked page. Which one do I use, and how to I "unpack" it? I have downloaded several of them and it keeps saying adobe reader can not open this file it is not supported or is corrupt. I am about ready to just throw the camera in the trash. I have the disk but once installed my webcam, all programs say no camera is pluged in.
you need the zs211 driver listed,

if you have the disk that came with the cam try this as it should work as well.
put the cdrom in the drive and cancel the setup.

now go in to computer, right click on your cdrom and click explore.
this will open the disk so you can see the files.
copy and paste the folder over your desktop.
then try the install as per installing a vista driver link.
Hi again,
Thank you for responding. but...

I can not get it to work. I install the file, I moved zs211 file to desk top, It opens with setup.exe and installs, but when I try to use the open a webcamera program, Skype, ect. They say that no camera is installed still. I unpluged the camera and pluged it back in the request for a disk comes up and I browse to desktop and click on the zs211 file and it was giving me a error message.
Now, when I plug in the camera it is not even reconized, no "new hardware found" box comes up. I will keep reading your forum and hopefully some day figure it out. It should not be this hard to install a webcam!
thanks again,
ture should not be this hard but vista does not like the driver.
i have two more drivers for this cam here.

you can try the install the same way.

if the new hardware wizard no longer starts you can still find the problem cam by using device manager.
if you click start , in the search on the bottom type device manager
with the cam already plugged in you should see a unknown device listed that is the cam.
right click the mouse on it and select update driver.
the update driver wizard will start.

thanks davey6 im from chile and my english is very bad xD

but my problem is over :D
i just dont have a clue what i'm doing :(
(09-08-2008, 04:19 PM)charlotterobbo Wrote: i just dont have a clue what i'm doing :(

I completly understand, I finally gave up and threw the zs in the garbage! Went and bought a logitech. I tried all the fixes listed here and couldn't get the camera to work, the computer wouldn't even acknowledge a camera being hooked up.
Best of luck to you. :compu2:
the biggest problem with this cam under vista is vista firewall blocking your every attempt to load a driver it don't want.
till Zstar get off there backside's and make a new driver there is little that can be done apart from what i have already listed.
like everyone else i'm having trouble with my 6 led, no brand or make, webcam bought off ebay for what-else-do-you-expect cheap.
Mine didn't even come with a driver CD. I've downloaded all the drivers you put up on this site, pointed windows hardware installer (or whatever it's called) to each of the folders that i moved to the desktop, but each time i search it tells me it can't find the software to install the cam.
I've tried using the built in installer on a few of the drivers but with no luck.

Any ideas? - Thanks
did you check its chipset?

have a quick read of this.
Hi Adam,

Davey6 is great! I really appreciate the effort to help me and others with this issue. Although I think the problem is with the seller on eBay. I never did get my camera (zs211) to work. The eBay seller disappeared. So I count it to experience learned!

I suggest you contact the seller and ask for a refund, or if you paid a small seller price and a large shipping fee then maybe contact eBay and let them know that there is a problem with the product.

I finally gave up on mine, after trying all the suggestions here, and went to walmart and got one for about $ 20.00.

Thanks again to Davey6 Grin and good luck to you Adam. I hope you are able to get the camera to work.

Good Luck!
this did not work for me...
this will not work with vista 64bit,
vista 64bit needs another driver which zstar have not made and have no plans on making as newer and better chipsets are now out.

this way will only work with vista 32bit and you may need to try one of the newer 211 drivers listed here.
this method works on the windows 7 beta too

Thanks for the help, and for hosting the driver!
thats good to know it works with windows 7 beta.
i did fear that this cam may be work at all.

i no longer have the cam i binned it sooner after i bought it, i only wanted the driver for the site, thats why i bought it Grin

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