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missing recycle bin
that worked for Ie but there is no recycle bin showing in the tab at all
Slaphow could I have overlooked that I was trying out winguide tweak tool and that was what deleted the recycle bin icon from this machine .
after you mentioned tweak ui it got me thinking and i remembered and it took a while to catch on sisnce I let it install to the control panel instead of the program list lol.
I feel like a total idiot for having you guys no doubt go nuts trying to figure it out for me .
I can imagine how aggravating it was for you guys since I know how aggravating it was for me lol.
Thanks guys for the effort and sorry I wasted everyones time with this1 davey you can slap me if you want buEekt please dont ban me lol
Hey - now we have it solved, yes?

Just took a while to remember how many different ways one can break Windows, and we found several fixes, besides the correct one...

...after all, it's always this at first... Pcfite
well at least there is something to look back on next time someone deletes their recycle bin[Image: woohoonaner2gy.gif]

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