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ALi dirvers for sound
I have an hp pavilion ze5270 that I had to install 2k on because my buddy didn't have the cd for xp home. If I could get some help for the sound card ALi is what it said it was before I formated. And a com port1 was also out. SO I guess I have two questions 1, can I install any xp home and then change the key out for this one? It is on the bottom of the laptop. 2.Can you find me the drivers? couldn't find them on the hp website.
you can install your windows xp on that machine and use the code on the bottom of the laptop.
its the code you buy from microsoft not the disk.

now the sound at hp is not listed as ALI its listed as wait for it wait for it yes conexant Eek

the conexant sound did come out for xp and i am pretty sure it don't work under windows 2k.
like wise the chipset used is listed as the ATI 200M again only xp drivers are listed at hp.

full set of xp drivers can be found here.

now if you can't install your copy of xp do try these drivers with windows 2k as xp is based on the old 2k layout some of the drivers may well work.
OK now that I am done laughing from waiting for "it" I will try the xp drivers.
Thanks Dave :)
oh yeah before i shut all my pc's down for the night ( nasty storm overhead )

if the drivers don't install unpack them and try using device manager.
but those drivers will need direct x 9c to install. so make sure direct x is installed before the motherboard drivers and sound or you will run in to problems.
roger that :)

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