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Guess Who? Back again
Hey I'm back boys!!!!!! More problems....
You know when you log off you can switch users...well when I switch for some reason I can't pull any information into the other account...why is that? I put something into a notepad and I tried to open it up when using the other persons account and I couldn't access it...I hope I described it good enough for you to understand...
Put your smart brains to work and give me my instructions....
how have you set your accounts up :question:

the main account ( yours ) should be set to system admin with a password.

all other accounts have to be set as guest.

to see all files from other user's you will need to log in to the admin account.
Hey guys!!!!!!!!!!!
I tried that it didn't work....it wouldn't let me change it....also when I am in my mail and I try to open up a window instead of opening up a new window it takes over the window that my mail was in...so I have to log in again to view my mail....do I have a software problem creaping up here? Do I have my settings wrong?
I come to my experts here for the answer...you guys rock!!!!!
won't let you change what the password ?

go into control panel , user accounts.
call up the admin account and add what ever password you like.

what email program are you using ?
I tried to change the users account but it won't let me change the one that is already established....
I can change mine but not the other one....
I have yahoo mail...
I have yahoo mail and it does open in the same window you are looking at the only difference is i have a list in the left hand side once i read the mail i can click inbox and go back to where i was.
if you click back in ie you will have to log in again.
also click the options at the top of yahoo mail and check under General Preferences
just in case you have it set wrong.

of corse there is a easy way out of this,
right click the mouse on what ever message you want to read and select open in new tab or new window depending on what browser you are using.

when you go to log into windows does it give you a list of users ?
is the admin account listed ?
ok I have been using the right click thing...that works for now...thanks...also I checked my settings they are correct....

yes there is an admst account...now what?
well log in to that account when you start the pc.

when your in that account you should be able to change the password and see what other guests are doing on your pc.
ok I did that...I was able to change my password and the other 2 accounts say....limited account...and the other one says guest account turned off
well your there if you go into the shared documents folder you should be able to see what docs e.t.c have been saved by all user's of your pc.
ok now what??????????
the admin account is the main account on your pc.
you should now be able to pull what files you like from one account into the other or copy and paste what you like.

its only the admin account that can do that it can not be done by a guest or someone with limited access.
OK I got it now....it took me a few trys but I figured out what you were saying.....thanks that really helps...
I knew I could count on you to help me....
I just feel bad that I can't help you with anything....
You will probably be hearing from me again....I always am in need of help....
Thanks again
your welcome purple ,
the whole point of setting the site up was to help people like yourself.

i really don't need anything at all , just knowing that i have helped someone is enough for me.
i hate the idea of people spending alot of money on a computer to find there is no end support or websites that will rip you off for very basic help like finding a device driver.

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