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PCI Memory Controller in device manager
hello to everyone i got an issue with my computer, i recently upgraded my computer to vista ultimate x86 and now when i go to device manager a PCI Memory Controller is listed with a yellow bang opn it.

Can some explain it to me what is this and if you have a solution please email at ms_0920@yahoo.com. thanks
pci memory controller is part of your motherboard chipset driver set.

have you loaded up the vista version of your motherboard drivers ?
this problem can show up when you do a upgrade and not a clean install of windows as the upgrade version o/s is still trying to use the old drivers.
this is my mobo model:

Chipset: Intel i845GE Rev. 81
Southbridge: intel 82801DB (ICH4)
would seem intel are not supporting that chipset under windows vista.
which means vista has built in support for your chipset.

now make sure your online,
go in to device manager, right click on the problem and select update driver.
let it do a auto search,
vista will search online at microsoft for a possible update.

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