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video controller (VGA Compatible)
I have been running from pillar to post before i get to find out about you online. My PC does not have this driver and the video of my pc is really frustrating. Could you kindly help with this so as to get a better vision?
All was fine before i gave the system to a friend to help format.
I am having a Toshiba Satellite S1800-814.
I look forward to hearing from you in the shortest time.
could not find that model listed at toshiba at all, very strange.
done a little digging online.

i think its running the Trident Blade XP

try these drivers on that laptop.
Hello Admin,
I appreciate your quick response but what would you need to help me out with this driver that is actually running me crazy, i checked out the Toshiba site myself and could not see the model but i cannot make a Toshiba and give a model just like that. I know you can do it, thats why i will be counting on you, i will go ahead with the link you gave me and let you know the result.
Till then, stay cool.
X1020281G SS183-0
S1800 - 814
Looks like the drivers are here: http://uk.computers.toshiba-europe.com/c...ortMod=191

You didn't mention your OS - I assume XP Home? The driver list can be narrowed by the search boxes on the page.
Hi Amin and Pasound,
both link you gave me are not working with my connection. The link from the admin is bringing up unreadable letterings and the link from passound is bringing up either outdated link from toshiba or something, but the device instance id is PCI\VEN_1023&DEV_8820&SUBSYS_00011179&REV_82\4&122A2372&0&0008
does this help at all?
I look forward to your immediate help and mail.
Try it this way - copy and paste into your browser - your browser may not be resolving the "shorthand" that the board uses.


Make sure all of the link goes into one line - you may have to copy it to notepad or some other text program first, and remove the space. Also, replace the ** with tt.
let us know what windows your running if need be i can download the driver direct from toshiba or jetway and upload it to this site.
Hello My Fellow,
In fact it gives me more than joy to know that someone out there, in fact people out there are seeing my problems as theirs. I really appreciate all efforts that has been done so far on helping me resolve this problem and i pray that God in His infinite mercy continue to streghten you day by day.
I have tried the jetway link given to me earlier but the page seems to load up some unknown lettering,lol.
I am still having the problem and i am running on an OS of Windows XP.
I hope this would help you guys much more as i wait patiently for my problem to be solved by you gurus,lol.
Keep up the good work and stay blessed.
right try this.

that is the zipfile direct from toshiba website and should work with that laptop.

I will leave that link live for 24 hours then i will move it out the way.
please let me know when you have that file.
Thank you so much for this, but here is the big one. I dont have the software to unzip it.lol.
Can you imagine that? you working all the way to get something and getting it on the long run and cant make use of it. Pleaseeee, could you do something about this?
Does the folder show a picture of a file folder with a zipper on it? That's what XP's built-in zip/unzip application has for the icons of files it can open. If it does not show that, you may not have your XP updated.

Davey, correct me if I'm wrong, but did the built-in zip utility only start with SP1 and later?

An alternative is a free zip program called 7-zip. You can get it here: http://www.7-zip.org/
windows xp has built in support for winzip files if you right click on the downloaded file it should say extract.

so if you make a new folder on your desktop and name it video you extract to folder video.

now i just check the file there is no setup exe file it needs to be loaded from device manager / update driver option.
how to load a driver that way can be found here.
( save me typing it all again )

follow my advice for drivers with no setup exe file and you should be able to install that driver file.
LIFE!!! to some people it is worthless, while to some people is is worthwhile. I have longed on how to end this persistent problem of mine but to no good outcome. On getting here, in am far more impressed that it could be solved just like that. All that has conruibuted to this large smile on my face, i say a big THANK YOU.
I downloaded the Trident, turn off firewall and anti-virus. Followed the exact steps you told me to and restarted my pc after it was done. To my big surprise, my pc is back to its feet. Thank you soooo much, words can never tell how happy i am.
May your ways be blessed and your hands be annointed.
glad we could help with your problem.

what may seems so simple to the likes of myself can seem like a 10 mile run to the pc novice.
thats the whole reason why i set the site up , i hate watching people suffer at the hands of a pc tech
and pay alot of $$$ for something they can do themself's with a little help.
Thanks very much once again, the wjole thing you guys did helped me. But i have noticed this: I tried seeing a movie on my system, it was playing on and at a point, say like 20 or 25 mins, the whole thing went off, it started to reboot itself but did not come up completly, it went off again. I know this is a problem somewhere, please kindly guide me so as to help make a full running of this pc. Looking forward to your response.
now that the video card driver is installed the toshiba is using all its power.
going by what you say i think you now have a overheat problem.
this is very common with the older laptops as dust will have built up in the heatsink and fans over the years.

now there is a quick and easy way to sort that out.
pop to your local pc shop and ask them for a can of compressed air.

when you get that can home just leave it for a about a hour to warm to your room and DO NOT USE THE LAPTOP.

now look at your toshiba bottom and sides you should be able to see where the heatsink and fan is fitted.

now shack the can and hold it UPWRIGHT at all times never turn the can upside down or sideways.
spray the can in to the fan and heatsink.
this will remove all dust build up and should slove the problem.

however if its a windows problem you will have to do this so we get a crash report or blue screen error code to work with.
click start , control panel , double click system icon.

look on the top tabs for advanced.
click that tab.
look down the page till you see system startup and recovery.
click the settings next to that.
take the tick out of auto restart , click ok and close the box.
what that will do is this.
next time the computer crashes it won't restart it will show you a blue screen error.
note down that error and post it back here and i will take a look at microsoft for the code fix.
thanks for your response, i will go ahead as you said but to be sincere with you, i cant get can or fan . I will do the windows, i pray it is what's wrong. Till then, be safe.
Hi Folks,
i am finding it difficult to go through all you explained but i had like to let you know that whenever i start my pc, the first thing that pops up is this information:
Windows cannot find '''C:/WINDOWS/eksplorasi.exe'''. Make sure you typed the name correctly, and then try again.
To search for a file, click the start button, and then click Search.
With some kind of noice like error or something. Will this help at all? kindly let me know so as to go ahead with what you had like me to get for you.
Warning - eksplorasi.exe is a file left by a trojan - the fact that your windows install is complaining is usually because it may have been deleted or quarantined by an AV or anti-spyware program, and the registry is calling it up. If you do not have any good AV or anti-spyware running, check my antivirus and spyware thread for links to some free tools - I would suggest as a start, free AVG or free AntiVir, and Spybot S&D, as it now scans for rootkits. Links to online scanning are also in the thread.

Look in here: http://www.davesdrivers.com/forum/showth...12#pid4212
Hello Pals,
Its me again, i have been trying to get this pc fixed and run perfectly but i know somethings are not just right with it. One, i did explained it just going off just like that. Two, it is extremly slow and actually gets me frustrated and tired, i will wait for almost 1min for a page i minimized to go down. Three, i am having a DVD drive but whenever i put in a dvd plate, it does not play at all, it comes up saying the file does not recognise it or that its corrupt. I know that you can do this for me pals, you have been doing it for people, infact you have done it for me before and i have a faith in you that you can still do it again.
I look forward to your advice so as to smile good.

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