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video controller (VGA Compatible)
i think the slowness and the shutting down are all due to heat build up.
you must get that can of air and clean out that cpu heatsink and fan or it will just get worse to the point of not booting windows at all.

if its not playing dvd's it may be down to a decoder, have you installed anything like power dvd or win dvd ?
if not please do so from this link.
that is only a trail version but it adds the decoder needed by windows media player, so when the trail runs out just carry on with media player.

i need you to check something for me.
push the following keys together.
that will call up task manager in windows xp.
click the performance tab.
please let me know what your cpu and pf useage is.

things you can try and do to speed things up a little.
click start , all programs , accessories , system tools, disk clean up.
clean out all the old junk built up by windows.

again click start , all programs , accessories , system tools
but this time do disk defragmenter.
defrag the drive to move all files in to one big readable section.

run a spyware program and online anti virus scan.
i have a few here.

and to stop the net blocking up to much of your hard drive in its built up folder please do the following.
click start , control panel , double click internet options icon , advanced tab.
scroll down the list till you see empty temp folder when browser is closed. put a tick in the box next to that then click apply and ok.
cpu usage - 100%
pf usage - 513MB
All other things has been done, i have the AIRA runnig now but the windows trojan you said is still coming up whenever i start my pc.
Overheating can kill a laptop - and so can viruses and rootkits. Go down to our Antivirus and Antispyware thread and look for the tools there, too. Get the freebies - Spybot, AVG Free, AdAware, Avira Free, install and try to get that thing settled down. 100% usage is a serious problem, as is the pagefile maxed out.


Spybot now has rootkit scanner plugins which will install after you update it.

If you need to try some other things, post in the AV forum section, and we'll start a new thread and get this solved. There are a lot of good free tools out there that can help.
what do you advice me to start with? in as much as you know the status of things with me.
I await your response.
If things are really fouled up, I would start here, just to get an idea what's up - HiJackThis! from Merijn.org.


There are also several other fine free progs there to find out what's really happening under the hood in the Windows car.

Please don't post the HiJack log here - let us know you have one, and we'll advise.
Are you saying i should go ahead and open this link? it will automatically detect all that is wrong with my pc?
Yes - it's a good help place - it's the free program/description section of the website. Read the descriptions of the free software - I use HiJack and StartUpList, if the problem is unknown/unfindable by regular scans with any good updated AV, and Spybot and AdAware. Those are just my favs, not an endorsement.
your using 100% of your cpu no wonder things are so slow and shutting down.

you must clear that system of all unwanted start up programs .
things like,


download the following program.


install and update that program but don't run the scan just yet.

now once its updated shut down your computer and startup in " safemode "
to do that just after your bios screen pops up start pushing the F8 key.
windows will give you a submenu select safe mode and start your computer.
you won't have any sound , net access or video card drivers in safe mode so don't worry about that.
now open ad-aware and run a full system scan. it will take a very long time to finish.
it should find all your spyware and delete it from the system.
once you done that restart as normal and the computer should be a bit better.
Hello Guys,
I know its been quite a long time, i had to give my system for someone to format and blow it as you required, at a point i could not get on here so i had think i am at the peak of the problem. I got the system back now and i had like you to pleaseeee put me thruogh all the needed so as not to get into any more problem. I noticed now that i could not play CD/DVD at all and i tried download a software on my system and got a report of the CD/DVD having problem or something like that, is there anyway you could know that if you put me thru what you had like to know? the driver is SD-C2502.
I look forward to hearing from you asap.
a cdrom driver under windows is not needed if somene has loaded a dos driver in to windows xp it will mess things up.

windows loads its own driver which works with 99.9 % of drives.
if the computer came back with this problem take it back to the guy that formatted it and tell him to sort it out as you will need to edit the reg keys and that i think is way over your head because if you do it wrong windows won't start or boot.

this is the fix you need to try and i really think this will be too much for you.
What i am having a driver of TOSHIBA DVD-ROM SD-C2502. Please look into this for me so as to get this problem solved before it gets out of hand again.
I will say this again.
you don't need a driver for the TOSHIBA DVD-ROM SD-C2502

windows has loaded its own driver that works fully with the SD-C2502
if you have a code error on this drive please let us know what it is.
thanks for your response on here. What i am trying to let you know on here is that i am able to play VCD but unable to play a DVD movie, furthermore i am trying to install coreldraw11 software on my pc and have the software plate but at a point it says it cannot read a particular feature and stops downloading.
Do you think i am actually having a problem? or just getting worried all by myself?
Not playing DVD's is the lack of a good codec (coder/decoder) for Media Player. If you can't get one from Microsoft Updates, google for k-Lite Codec Pack - it covers everything, and is free. You should be able to get it from a reputable source, such as Downloads.com. Not reading a cd to do a program install is probably just a scratched or dirty cd.
In fact i really dont know what to say on here. I have downloaded the required but instead of me getting a good result i got a warning that my computer has been infected with spyware and i am in danger.
I am simply in a mess now.
pasound is correct your missing the dvd decoder i did give you a link for that in this topic but i will do it again.

power dvd free trail adds the decoder needed by media player so download and install the free trail found here.

if your software is stopping check the software disk for damage.
or the download is bad and needs to be done again.
i really don't think you have a problem with that drive as you say you can read vcd disk if the driver was at fault it would read nothing at all.
My friend has already helped in installing a registered version of a dvd software and what i am bothered about is the danger alert on my system after downloading what pasound said, it says i am having spyware, is there a way i could get the deleted from my system? maybe i should simply forget playing a dvd on my system so as to save myself going thru problems again and again.
the program thats poping up the warning is spyware its self.
they can be a pain to get out the system.
download install and run ad-aware free version.

just before you run ad-aware make sure you update it.
then do a full system scan not a quick scan.
I have a list on there, which one do you advice me to install?

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