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video controller (VGA Compatible)
If you got k-Lite from someplace othet than softpedia or Downloads.com, you could have gotten a version with spyware and ads loaded up. It's an open-source application and not all people out there are kind enough to leave it alone. DO NOT click on anything in the popups. Use the link to AdAware that davey posted, install it, and run the scans.
Hi man,
i am having some un known problems with my pc now. I have decided not to play DVD on it so as to not to cause myself any more future problems. You guys have been very helpful all along, but now, whenever my pc goes into standby and i put it on later, it does not show anything on the screen and moreso at times when i am making use of it, it just goes off, just like tht and not even shutting down. P lease what are the likely problems i am having and kindly help me put this problem over me.
I look foreward to hearing from you.
There's a known problem with some motherboards coming out of standby in XP. Microsoft has a KB patch for it, at the moment I don't remember which one - I'll have to look it up later. Maybe Davey or biggles knows which - won't be back from work until about 10 hours from now.
right now i am not worried about the stand by problem.
i am worried about that thing just shutting off.
if this keeps going on your going to end up with damaged hardware inside that toshiba.
i still think this is a over heat problem that now needs to be tracked down before the cpu gets damaged to a point of no return.

you need to take the toshiba to a local pc shop and ask the to carry out the following.

strip the laptop.
check the motherboard for bad leaking Capacitors
check heatsink and fan on the cpu.

if the fan has failed your in trouble as it needs to be replaced without delay.
if you live in hot country like i do this is even more important to get done.
Thank you davey,
but i have had it on for over 2 hours now and it has not done anythnig of such, i really dunno what to think here, but to be sincere to you things are not easily found here where i am, tht is y i look up to you guys.
trouble is as your a novice i can't talk you through the strip down and rebuild of that toshiba. it needs a computer geek such as myself to look at it.

thats the one thing about a help forum its limited to what we can do online sometimes the problems do need someone to look inside the machine.
to add to your problems this is a laptop which are worse to work on then a desktop.
if it was a desktop i could tell you what to look for and what to do with a laptop thats just not possible as they have too many small parts that can get damaged if your not 100% careful.

with the standby problem thats a easy one to sort out.
xp did have problems when it first came out but service pack 1 or 2 will sort that problem once and for all as all the round up patches were added to the service pack.
use windows update to gain access to service pack 2 or even 3 now
What are you saying in short? understand what you are saying i should do in regards the standby problem.
use windows update to slove the standby problem.

sorry but we can't offer any more help on this shut down problem as it now needs a hardware check and thats just not possible on a forum such as this , you need a computer shop to help with that as i am sure its not software / windows giving the problem it is a hardware fault somewhere inside that laptop that needs to be traced.
The tripping off is more worse now. seems this is the end of this machine.
i don't think its the end you just need to get it stripped and checked.
if you allow it to carry on like this then that will cause the hardware to fail fully and it will not longer switch on.

you really really need to get that toshiba checked out before it gets damaged.
i know that may be hard were to live but its the only way forward if you wish to keep that machine.
Hi guys,
Sorry to jump on this band wagon but im having a similar problem. My main issue is not being able to use the S video port- no image appears on the secondary screen, despite numerous attempts.
My "video controller (vga compatible) says it has no driver o im wondering if this might be the issue. I have a Satellite L25-S119, running XP. Any help would be much ppreciated, thanks!

all drivers for the LS25-119 can be found at tosh usa for that model.
xp is supported by them.

correct video card driver for your model is this one.

all other downloads you may need can be found here.
Hello Dave, I have the exact same problem which I saw you solve for someone and was very happy! I have a problem with my VGA drivers and seems I am reached a dead end. I have copied the diver's no., which is TOSHIBA satellite driver : PCI\VEN_1023&DEV_8820&SUBSYS_00011179&REV_82\4&122A2372&0&0008
and I cannot see to find any solution online. Could you kindly help me because I am really stuck! Help

Hoping to hear from you,

See your for

(03-26-2008, 04:22 PM)davey6 Wrote: right try this.

that is the zipfile direct from toshiba website and should work with that laptop.

I will leave that link live for 24 hours then i will move it out the way.
please let me know when you have that file.

can you let me know the full model number of your laptop.

it should be printed on a sticker on the underside of your laptop.

i will also need to know what version of windows you are running.

Can i have the driver for Video controller that you posted earlier? Please
this link is still working at tosh

that is for the Satellite L25-S119
hello. i recently reset my old computer back to factory default and in the process it deleted all of the os files it needed to actually run. so far i have gotten all of the drivers up to date except for the " video controller (vga compatible) ". it is a dell inspirion 1520 running windows xp and the device id is


any help would be appreciated. thank you.
that laptop shipped with three video cards the intel onboard as standard and two possible upgrades.
your device id string points to it being the geforce upgrade option.

dell do have the driver for this laptop under windows xp which is a suprise as that laptop came pre shipped with vista.
you can download it from here.

now i would advise before you load the above driver that you make sure your direct x is fully up to date as the above driver will need the updated files.


and also you have sp3 loaded for windows xp with all the .net updates as again that geforce driver looks for them.
and last make sure the chipset drivers are loaded.

all other drivers that you may need can be found here at dell.


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