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Qosmio G45-AV680
now is the time to test the 3d in that driver and make sure its working
that nero screen saver i uploaded here.
will test the 3d of that driver if it screws up and won't play that screensaver it won't play games.
thats my little test i use when i am sorting out 3d problems in peoples computers.

if things look a little small turn up the DPI to 120
its set as standard to 90 in xp and i always turn that up to 120 in anything above 1024x768 just makes it better when reading text.
you also have to set xp to clear type its not preset like it is in vista.
Ok - a few artifacts on the nero screensaver - after about two minutes, looks like it's raining - occasional white screen flashes - motion is smooth, audio is good. Haven't checked a DVD yet, will advise.

Rest of it was a educated guess on using Vista drivers - downloaded all available Vista drivers from Toshiba, and opened them with WinZip and read the txt files and inf's for compatability. Only a couple said "Vista only". Some were not "OS branded". Some had 32 and 64-bit files for XP, as well as 32 and 64-bit Vista. Luckily, this is a mule, and a lot of the hardware is a year or more old, so it seems they "added" "Vista" to the hardware installers. Most of the hardware now works with Vista drivers, and a couple fussed that they were not Windows XP logo certified, but I clicked through, and they installed. This included the TI touchpad, and the wireless.

One "?" is still in the list, a PCI memory controller, and I'm thinking it's a hardware interface for the Vista Readyboost. The other, a "!", is the SMS CIR - the infrared remote control, which I'm not even sure the client owns... it's for an optional HDTV antenna and tuner card, I think.

Otherwise, it's running fine, I think. XP Pro is fully updated and all. Microsoft updates only found one device, and that was the TI card reader, which the Vista driver installer overwrote (had to try - the MS driver was 3 years old) - modem, TI card reader(s), bluetooth, fingerprint reader, Synaptics touchpad, wireless, and built-in webcam were all original Vista driver files. If the Toshiba installer had probs, I started over from the "other" exe's in the files, and everything (other than the two probable Vista-only devices) seems to be there...

Manufacturers files were the previously mentioned XFastest modded nVidia driver; Realtek WDM_R189.exe audio from their site; Intel storage manager, iata78_enu.exe; the 965GM chipset is infinst_autol.exe, which is the same as in the Vista files from Toshiba; the 82566MC gigabit lan, PRO2KXP.exe from Intel; and 802.11 b/g/n wireless, 4965AGN, file, also from Intel.

Now to run some stress tests...

Still haven't nuked the original Vista "c" drive...
yes the PCI memory controller will show and i know why.
its a turbo memory built for vista and as yet no driver is out for windows xp.

its only the very new top of the line laptops that show that error.
its safe just to leave it like that its not going to harm the laptop.

yes the screen saver should have done all you said its not rain its dust falling from the volcano , the flashes are lighting so that all sounds correct.
did you get the sun spots ?

does sound like the geforce driver is working.

want to run a stress test run 3dmark 06 on it that will push that laptop and gfx card to its limit.

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