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motherboard type
i want to upgrade agp my video card. it is suggested that i get the latest agp drivers for the motherboard. how do i find the motherboard mfg?Thinking
if you look in the download section / software on the bottom of the forum you will see everest.
please download that program and install it on your computer.
run that program.

with the program running please click motherboard in the left hand list then motherboard again in the large box.
please post back with that report and what windows you are running.

your agp drivers are part of your main motherboard set of drivers so if you have a intel chipset you use intel INF driver or if you have via then you use the via 4 in 1 driver.
if you post that report i can point you to the correct download.

however if your upgrading your video card please let me know what sort of money you have to spend and i will give you the best option for your money and motherboard, sometimes with a old motherboard its really not worth putting on a top of the range card as the board won't support it.
i will explane all this after i have seen the report on your motherboard.
i just purchased an eGeForce 7300GT
here is the info you requested:thankyou:for everest.

Field Value
Motherboard Properties
Motherboard ID 63-0808-000001-00101111-122005-SIS661GX$A0274027_BIOS DATE: 12/20/05 10:37:09 VER: 08.00.10
Motherboard Name Asus P4S8X-MX

Front Side Bus Properties
Bus Type Intel NetBurst
Bus Width 64-bit
Real Clock 133 MHz (QDR)
Effective Clock 533 MHz
Bandwidth 4267 MB/s

Memory Bus Properties
Bus Width 64-bit
Real Clock 200 MHz (DDR)
Effective Clock 400 MHz
Bandwidth 3200 MB/s

Chipset Bus Properties
Bus Type SiS MuTIOL
Bus Width 16-bit

Motherboard Physical Info
CPU Sockets/Slots 1 Socket 478
Expansion Slots 3 PCI, 1 AGP
Integrated Devices Audio, Video, LAN
Form Factor Micro ATX
Motherboard Size 240 mm x 240 mm
Motherboard Chipset SiS661GX
Extra Features JumperFree, Stepless Freq Selection

Motherboard Manufacturer
Company Name ASUSTeK Computer Inc.
Product Information http://www.asus.com/products1.aspx?l1=3
BIOS Download http://support.asus.com/download/downloa...uage=en-us
asus are a pain in the backside they really need to sort out the speed of that site.

right the motherboard is running the sis 661 northbridge which does support AGP X8 mode so that card will work fully with your motherboard.

now for what you paid for that and i may upset you a little here but don't take it to heart.
the nvidia 6800 GT and the nvidia 6800 Ultra are both much better cards then the 7300.
some prople get confused with the numbers thinking the " 7 " series is better that was not the case in the early nvidia " 7 " series.

now asus don't offer this driver but sis do.
click this link.

agree to the agreement and carry on to the downloads
you will see the agp driver listed.
download that and install it.

that will be the most up to date driver for you.
the pc will restart after that.

now to get the very best from your new nvidia card please follow this.
update direct x , its just had a update from microsoft so please make sure you do this.

restart the pc once more.
now go in to add remove programs and remove what ever video card drivers you are running now.
shut the pc down.
and put in your new card.
start the pc back up and it will find new hardware. cancel that.
now download this set of drivers from nvidia they are the most up to date for that card.

shut down any anti virus software and firewall and install those drivers.
restart the pc and you should then be able to enjoy your new gfx card without a problem.
Thank you so much . i'll get back to you tommorrow with an update on my progress.good night dave.
Rock Thank you so muchClapEverything went well.:thankyou: :thankyou: :thankyou:
Very good - Dave's such a fine resource in figuring out hardware. Try the nero screensaver shown here, and if you see the falling ashes, lightning, and smooth video, your card is running correctly.


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