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x64 driver for HL-340 usb > serial device
hi all! peoples, plz help! do you know about x64 driver for HL-340 usb > serial adapter? a have a Windows Vista x64 and device is not work in this OS, because disk drivers in package aren't support x64 OS's.
any ideas?
if the driver was not on the install disk i am pretty sure your cable will not work with 64bit.

are there any makes or numbers on your cable or box?

i only know of one 64bit driver but this may not support the switch over chip in your cable.
tnx, but unfortunately your driver can't work with my device (10 code error)
by the way, - this device
i am afraid, that device is the next Chinese fake :(
that driver in your link is a Huge Pine.
they make the controller chip and it is a cheap jap import sold by ebay sellers.

i will see what else i can dig up on this but it looks like you need another cable as i don't think this chip works with 64bit as its old tech now.
:thankyou::thankyou::thankyou: for the driverr
Bump: any news on a 64-bit driver for that cable?
(thanks for the driver you provided from that other user, it worked on my son's machine; now if i can get the cable to work on my machine that's nice too)
if you have got the cable working on a 32bit system can you call up its device id string and let me know what it is.
i can then check to see what chipset is being used, then look to see if any 64bit driver is around.

for infomation i now keep all these drivers in one place.
ok ... just give me a day or two to get that info from my son.
hello dear see and check the software
Update: sorry for no reply (guess that should have been "a month or two"); i've been busy and now he is so i'll get back to this when i can. Thanks for the help so far.
Alright I just become part of this problem after ordering the cheapest cable online from I found a GPS that best mets my needs and does not have all of the bells and whistles.

The Garmin eTrex H uses a Rs-232 connect (serial) and a propriatary connector to the device. I wanted to convert to USB because I haven't had a serial port in the last 5 years on any of my home built PCs.

I was reading some of your posts and you mention that there is a number on the inside, but not sure where it is. I was able to shine a flashlight though the casing and there was this listed "Z12.000". That number was located on on a silver object that was oval shaped and rasied slightly off of the board.

I was looking at your other posts and tried all of the drivers on this site:

There was only one that slightly worked, but then failed in the end which was this CH341SER.ZIP file. I hope this is the correct error message form the log file:

Fault bucket 945334442, type 5
Event Name: PnPDeviceProblemCode
Response: None
Cab Id: 0

Problem signature:
P1: x64
P2: USB\VID_1A86&PID_7523&REV_0254
P3: {4d36e978-e325-11ce-bfc1-08002be10318}
P4: 00000027
P5: CH341S64.SYS
P6: 3.10.2009.6
P7: 01-24-2010

Attached files:

These files may be available here:

Let me know what else I can do find the driver and I will do it. I can provide the files that were added on the small disk, but none of them appear to work.

My desktop is a 64 bit Vista Ultimate edition.
that is the older wch-340L cable.
i only know of one driver for that cable and it can be found here direct from wch.

i am pretty sure this is not a 64bit cable or driver i think this is one of the early cross over chips thats supports 32bit only.

if you built your pc yourself as i tend to do, look at the motherboard manual.
they are no longer in the main ports but some motherboards do have a serial header built on
you can buy the header cable on ebay if your motherboard has such a header.
(04-03-2008, 03:18 PM)MASTER-M Wrote: hi all! peoples, plz help! do you know about x64 driver for HL-340 usb > serial adapter? a have a Windows Vista x64 and device is not work in this OS, because disk drivers in package aren't support x64 OS's.
any ideas? this device is r340 r341 . my desktop is winddows7 pro x64 . lol
(09-21-2011, 01:31 PM)surgeli Wrote:
(04-03-2008, 03:18 PM)MASTER-M Wrote: hi all! peoples, plz help! do you know about x64 driver for HL-340 usb > serial adapter? a have a Windows Vista x64 and device is not work in this OS, because disk drivers in package aren't support x64 OS's.
any ideas? this device is r340 r341 . my desktop is winddows7 pro x64 . lol

sorry i don't understand your post are you looking for a 64bit windows 7 driver or are you saying you got this cable to work with windows 7 64bit

if you managed to get it working please share this informatrion with the members as the driver you linked to stopped support at windows xp 32bit.
i have had that driver up on site for 3 years, many members have tried it on a 64bit O/S and it always failed to install

I installed the HL-340 adapter on Win 7 64-bit last night.

Download this file (CH341SER.ZIP)
Don't use the CH341SER.EXE file or the INSTALL folder!

Unzip it. Make note of where you put it (of course).
Plug in the HL-340 adapter.
When it asks for a driver, point it to the CH341SER\DRIVER folder that you unzipped.
Wait a minute or two, it will load.

I used this adapter to connect to a Cisco Router via HyperTerminal (hacked from XP SP3) and it worked perfectly!

Now, if only I could get Procom to install in 64-bit...

Good luck all and have fun!!!! Comp1
try running it in xp mode or with the Compatibility Wizard thats your best bet i think
Hi Dave,

You have a good point. I was trying to "install" using the setup.exe. Silly me!

I instead copied the folder from Program Files on an XP machine to Program Files(x86) on a Win 7 64-bit machine. It actually works without XP SP3 Compatibility set. Hmmm... Must turn off UAC though, I hate the stupid delay and pop up.

Thanks ;-)

P.S. Why don't those guys at Sym-terrible update this gem, Procomm?
they may just class it as being too old now.

companies don't look at things the same way the user does.

look at windows vista and windows 7 layout, i can't see the point of renaming all the folders that people know
yes give it a new look if you have to but to change the name and how you find it was pointless.
times i have friends and family phone me asking where do they find this and that under windows 7
Perhaps they think that no one uses such simple terminals anymore, even though it kicks putty butt! They bailed on it a while ago too. Silly Sym-terrible. Oh, well.

I just hope that my solution for the 64-bit HL-340 thing is helpful. It has been a long time since the original post. Perhaps there are new needs out there and they will find this cool site.
it will help someone along the line, that i am 100% sure of.
i get about 5 emails a day from people with this cable wanting me to help them direct.
i know its a little rude but i send them to the forum to ask their questions.

times i have told people i can't send a large driver by email.

my poor pc looks like a christmas tree at the moment as i have so many in and out cables connected to mixers e.t.c
i have two of these cables myself but they are brand new belkin ones so do support windows 7 64bit straight from the disk.

alot of the older stuff will still work its just a matter of finding a work round.
i have done it for scanners and printers e.t.c

in many ways the tech world moves faster then the standard home user wants it to.
most home user's don't care as long as the pc starts they can do basic emails go on facebook and play a few online games
all of which you don't need a top end spec machine for.


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