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code 37 error...High Definition audio controller
please help. i have laptop computer model hitachi prius note type k PCF-PN33k5U and i downgraded it to xp media center edition bcoz the vista installed are japanese. unfortunately, i encountered a problem on my audio..on device was high definition audio controller. i tried to reinstall it again but there was a problem installing on that hardware. code 37. hoping for your immediate and prompt reply on my problem. thanks in advance.
the thing with HD audio is it needs the microsoft driver installed before your main driver.
if you did not do that please download and install the microsoft driver found here.
i can't access hitachi from where i am at the moment i will try tomorrow to find out what your main driver should be but if you know what it is please do the following.

remove all audio drivers installed to date.
restart the laptop.
install the above microsoft driver.
restart the laptop then install your main driver.
sir...thanks a lot and appreciate your quick response. i'd just like to add some additional info re this matter. i back-up all my previous driver using drivermax. upon re-installing it, i encountered this. but prior exporting the drivers installed..i assumed that soundmax integrated digital hd audio with might encounter a problem since i usually heard that hd audio was a primary problem if laptop computers had been reformatted. but i noticed it was digitally assigned by windows, meaning..drivermax will not exported it since it is covered by os. 2nd, what particularly sound driver shall i uninstall? do u mean in the device manager, on sound, video and game controller, i will uninstall the audio codecs and legacy audio driver? am i right sir? and lastly, on the site u gave me, they noted there that i should also uninstall the modem? or audio only should be fine? can u refer me a very effective software that can back-up all driver installed? i noticed drivermax is not that effective since it was a freebies. hoping for your usual reply. thanks in advance.
hv tried to uninstall audio devices and installed the uaa driver. unfortunately, prob still exist. this time with noted stating microsoft digital hd audio. Is there any alternative? pls advise. thanks!
the problem is the soundmax does have massive problem under windows vista.

now this being a japanese model info on it is so limited.
i can find it but only the display driver is offered for download.

if vista is supose to have built in support for that sound card try doing this.
go online.
now open device manager.
you should see unknow HD audio device listed.
right click on that and select update driver, let vista search.
it will search microsoft windows update for the correct driver.

if that fails have a look here at microsoft for your driver.

quick edit.

opps my fault that was the wrong link, that was standard soundmax and you want the HD version.
i have correct the link now
hi there! i tried to reformat again and b4 re installing all drivers..i re install 1st the uaa driver then so on...and it was successfully installed. unfortunately, i can hear anything. but there is no prob exist on device manager. is there anything we can do? totally no sounds on music and beep sounds.
what sound card driver are you trying to load in to this laptop ?
i can't find what sound is in the system as this is a Japanese model.

i found tech spec's listed here but the sound chip is only listed as HD audio whioch could be a number of different models or numbers.
if im not mistaken...b4 i downgraded it from vista to xp...i noted soundmax integrated digital HD audio. i manage to back-up this, unfortunately, this is for vista os only. do u mean, since there's no prob on device system, the right sound card driver is needed to have that sounds?
if the soundmax is installed it should clear the fault in device manager but i haev come across this before where the driver is 70% match for the hardware but still fails to work but clears the error in device manager.

i can't find in the specs anywhere online what this sound card is.
do you have the factory shipped system restore disk that came with this system ?
if so load that up it will be vista but should have all the correct drivers as per shipping.
that way you can just double check what card is in that system.
before you try the downgrade once more.
soundmax being the pain that they are don't offer a direct driver download from their site they are a third party OEM partner only.
if you find it is soundmax you can try some drivers on asus site as they use alot of that chipset on their boards.
problem already resolved. thanks a lot for your help. i really appreciate it. may god bless you and more power to your site.
Glad it worked out. What driver did you find that worked after the UAA?
after UAA, Soundmax can't continue installing bcoz its for vista os only. i tried to intall realtek ac 97. at sounds but there's no prob in device manager. until i restarted the laptop for 2 or 3x...then i was surprised when i finally heard a sounds.

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