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ICatch 5.2 Megapixel drivers
Hi. I bought a webcam from Ebay, the disk was damage and wouldnt work.
Has anyone got the drivers for the ICatch 5.2 Megapixel webcam

Please and thanks. Thinking
do you have a picture of this cam ?
what windows are you running ?
I am running Windows XP
Heres a photo. http://img214.imageshack.us/img214/4017/dsc00817ch2.jpg

and heres the ebay link.. http://cgi.ebay.co.uk/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&Item=160228627851&Category=4616&_trksid=p3907.m29
ok thats a newer 6 led cam running a vimico or a sonix chip.

trouble is which one.
i am sorry to say your going to have to remove the rear case and note down the chip make and number.
if you remove the four x head screws the case will come apart without too much trouble.
look on the control board for a 1cm square chip.
note down everything on that chip and post it back here.
Ive just done that, Its a sonix one.

0774A1G16 the number (Not 100% sure though). its quite difficult to read.

This is the best photo i could get of it.

right that number is not listed at sonix .

do you see a number that starts SN9C ?
if you do thats the model number of the chip.

if you find that number look here in the download section for all the sonix downloads i have.

if you can't find a match in my downloads try sonix direct.

i am still waiting for your image file to load up so i can take a look.
if i spot something i will post back again.
its ok i can see from your image its using the sn9c201 chip.
i have that driver in the above link or you can download from sonix.
Thakyou for your time.
I have downloaded and installed them drivers you suggested.
But i get an error code when trying to view the cam.

sorry can't read that error from your image.

try this.
go in to add remove programs.
remove the cam driver, and any other driver you have loaded to date and restart the pc.

when windows has restarted try the following.
shut down any anti virus software your running and any firewall , anti spyware.
unplug the cam.

now install the driver.
when it ask's for the cam to be contected please do so but don't use the same usb port move down or up one so windows can see its a new device.

when its finished open up msn messenger or yahoo messenger or what ever imp you use and run the cam wizard.
the amcap part of the icatch driver really is a pile off poo: so best to skip that and use your imp to do the work for you.
and just in case you still have problems this is the most up to date driver from sonix for that chip.

if you don't mind i would like to keep and use that image of the chip.
i can use it to show other people what to look for inside a cam.
I still have the same problem, i will try the updated drivers now.
and yeah, sure no problem you can use the photograph.
ok if the update drivers fail to get it working try the cam on another pc or laptop.
i am 100% sure that is the correct driver, if it still fails to work on another pc send the cam back for a replacement as it has a fault.
Nope, didnt work SlapComp1
think you have been sent a faulty cam, may explan why the disk was damaged in the first place.
send the cam back but don't tell the seller you have taken it apart to find its chip number.
just explan that after hours of trying you can not get the cam working and will they replace it or test it if you send it back.
Thankyou for your help mate.
After abit more researched i actually have found the right drivers.
heres the link incase you need it
thats the same driver different version thats a early version.

thats 5.7.19103.100

the one listed at sonix is
which has under gone the windows testing by microsoft..
the new driver should have worked with that cam as well.
Havent got a clue why it didnt work mate. The older one worked fine though.
sometimes windows will do something i just don't understand and of corse makes no sense what so ever...
thank you MR gates Pcfite

as long as the cam is working thats the main thing Grin
In case you didn't have or grab that driver Dave, I knobbled it.
hmm where can i get that older driver? tried loads of drivers for mine and non work so do no harm to try older one...tryed getting from the above link and it says File Download . . .

This file has reached its maximum allowable downloads.

For more information please consult our Service section.

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