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tips on unbranded / ebay webcams.
a few tips when trying to find the correct driver for your ebay or unbranded webcam.

1. look over the cam case for stickers, on these stickers you may find a name or model number search with google to find a possible driver.

2. vimicro auto webcam detect. vimicro makes 35 to 40% of cam chips use the auto detect on the bottom of this post to call up a possible chip number, search that number here on site or at google

3. remove the case of your cam and look at its chipset.
as you can see from this picture the chipset is small black and square in the middle of the control board.
in the case of this picture its a sonix SN9C201 control chip.
search that number here at my site or on google.

4. Device ID string
find the cams ID string the following way.
plug your cam in and allow windows to auto search ( tip be online at the time so windows can check microsoft update )
if the driver fails to install, click start, control panel, double click system icon, hardware tab.
click device manager, look down the list for the problem cam, it will be listed with a yellow ! or ?
double left click the device in question, click under windows 95 to xp sp2 the details tab, note down the device id string.
under windows xp sp3 to windows 7 do the above but make sure in the pull down box its listing device instants ID.
again note that id string down and do a search.

5. When installing a webcam driver its important that you shut down your firewall and anti-virus software.
i haev seen many times over on this site where the above programs block the usb port to the cam.

6. These cams Do Not like being on a usb hub or on front usb ports, they tend to overload the port and you end up with a problem in device manager or worse still the port overloads and windows shuts it down.
these cams are best placed on a main USB port on the back of your pc / laptop.
the main USB ports are the ones just under your mouse and keyboard ports.

yes driverguide i am aware that you ripped off my work and past it off as your own,
i have now updated this post, I do not expect to see the updated version showing on your site without my permission.

[Image: chip2.jpg]

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