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ZSMC foot shaped webcam (4LEDs) driver
Finally..i found it :)
and it works perfectly

I already have the zs211 zip in the icatch 6 led cams.

but thank you for your time
trouble is these foot cams differ a great deal on pixel rate so what might work for one does not work for all.
i can assure u that mine is not the one that u have the icatch 6 led cams...
and if u have foot shaped webcam (4LEDs) try it on...and let me know about it ;)

thanx for passing by..and i'll wait for ur reply ;)
my bad :)
it's for foot shaped webcam (4LEDs) 1.3 M.pixel
yeah i have seen that driver work with a number of cams regardless of shape and number of leds.

it just depends on what was the cheapest chipset at the time they were making the cams.

to be honest the leds are just eye candy they don't really do anything at all unless you stick your face right close to the cam and they are not controled by the driver they have a photo cell built in so they switch on at night or they have a on/off switch built on the cam body.

the zs211 was built for the 1.3 meg pixel cam but now days as with computers that rate has got better and that needs a more up to date controller chip.
That company that makes the webcams have a very nice 5mp camera with some primitave facial tracking. The picture is one of the best resolutions I have ever seen on a AUD$35 camera and it works under ALL lighting conditions. For the price, the cams are excellent value for money. (Getting the drivers can be a problem though)

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