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win98se drivers for canyon 2gig flash drive
hi - is there anyone out there that can point me to the win98se
drivers for the canyon 2gig flash drive? The model number is cn-usb20bfd2048r2 - I have looked on the canyon site and although the splurb that came with the flash said that I would need drivers for win98se, I can't find any on their site. I would be extremely grateful as at the moment I have an expensive piece of rubber and not much else. :gun:
check the serial number of your pen and see what it starts with F1 or F7

then download the drivers from this link.
thank you davey6 for your very prompt reply, but i've already downloaded those utilities and drivers and when i run them with or without the flash drive plugged in, it tells me that it can't find any usb devices. my 512 and 1 gig flashes both work in the win98se machine i'm running.
sorry i don't fully understand.

is the canyon drive working with 98se ?
if it is you don't really need the utilities as you can format and delete files direct from my computer.
if its not working contact canyon and ask them t o send you a working 98se driver.
i'm sorry i didn't make myself too clear. i have a 512meg, a 1 gig and now a 2gig flash drive. the first two work fine in my win98se computer with the win98se drivers i downloaded for them, but the computer is not finding my 2 gig flash no matter what i do. as to writing to canyon-tech they responded with a computer generated reply that they would look into the matter and that's the last i've heard from them. highly annoying!
I think i can see the problem.

this is a new product from canyon , and its listed as USB2

now windows 98se never really did support usb 2 that well.
canyon are only listing this flash driver for windows me and above.
that explans why you can't find the drivers as all those versions of windows have a built in mass storage driver by microsoft.
i have a feeling that if they do answer your qustion they will say its not supported under windows 98se.

this is the spec i found on their site.
once again i must thank you for going out of your way to help me davy6, but the blister pack it came in as well as the pdf file (installed on the flash drive) both list that no drivers are needed for xp etc., but drivers are needed for win98se. it then says "see included driver" and on the flash drive is a formating prog, but not a driver, so i'm kinda flummoxed as to what to do next. as i said i did contact them and i've been thru their site, but haven't found diddly yet.
I've had trouble with other brands of flash drives when going above 1G, and with no support for USB2, in Win98se. Also some motherboards will not run USB2 because the bios can not enable it in the motherboard. One solution I've used is installing a USB2 PCI card. Not elegant, but it let be use the USB2 flash drive with the 98 machine and XP and Vista machines.
i think your quote at the bottom of your reply to me is about as dead accurate as you can get. thank you for the input and i think that you're right about the card. i'll just have to get one and hope for the best. i do have an xp computer, but i need the win98se machine for certain midi requirements so this battle has been highly annoying. thanks again.
can you let us know what is the make and model number of the motherboard inside that 98se box ?

i want to check its chipset up , if its running the intel 440 series chipset it won't accept a usb 2 pci card it will just stick two fingers up at you and run it at usb 1.1 like your normal ports.
its better to make sure before you go out and buy a add on card or your just wasting your money.

now this may sound like a very silly thing to do but windows ME did support usb2 alot better then 98se and it does support all of the old programs used by 98se.
if that old pc is stable you might get away with doing a update to windows ME.

yes i know its not the best o/s in the world but as 98se is now so old it really makes no difference as both are not supported any more
I have windows me here somewhere, if i can find it your welcome to it as all my machines are too new to even sniff at loading it.

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