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Here we go again.
O.K. so i'm back for your advice & driver searching skills. I am in the process of gathering all the drivers for the new laptop before I start trying to install anything. I ended up grabbing the HP Pavillion DV6725ca. So here is my first question my chipset is Nvidia MCP67m can I use the one the is in PA's HP bundle of drivers. It seems to be the only one I can find that looks similar cause I can't actually find the specific driver.
while you still have vista installed go over to nvidia website and use the auto detect.

let it find the chipset inside that laptop it will tell you nforce "xxxxx"
note that down then use the manual selection and call up the same chipset but for xp.

that way you know full well you have the correct set of drivers.

go in to device manager and note down every single bit of hardware in that laptop,
sound , video , lan , modem , card reader , e.t.c

the more info you have to hand before you try the downgrade the better.

and one thing to note , make the vista system restore / recovery cd now.
if all else fails you can go back to vista.
Ha ha ha, going to run the marathon again, are we?

Indeed, make the restore DVD now. If you need to go back to restart this process, that'll be the only way for the HP.
O.K lets begin then, I have used everest to get a report from the HP & I have written down all the hardware in device manager. I did an auto detect on the Nvidia chip & have d/l the Xp driver of that chipset & i am currently creating recovery disc for Vista as a precaution. So now I just have to find the drivers for XP then i will be set to go. Have I missed anything yet?
Good so far.
we will be here if you can't get anything working, but so far so good.
did everest tell you what conexant sound chip you have ( model number ) ?
if it does i can look at microsoft for the driver for xp it would save alot of messing around trying this and that.
This Is the only number I can find i'm assuming it's the model number but I'm not 100% sure

Conexant High Definition Smart Audio 221.

O.K let the fun & games begin.
you won't have any problems with that one i have it in the download section below but it also comes from windows update.
as long as the UAA driver is installed first windows update should pick the driver for you.
Cool thanks Davey i will give you guy's a shout if I hit any problems wish me
It's a skill, too, sugfry. And after this one, you'll be able to do another, and another, and another, and pretty soon...

O.K I've hit my first hurdle windows installed with out a problem then I installed direct X9 then UAA then i installed the nvidia driver that I got from the Nvidia site the other day after doing the online verification then changing it to xp. Which all seemed to install with out a problem.I then tried to install the Conextant HD modem driver but I got an error saying it couldn't find the media device for this driver. Have i installed them in the wrong order or is it just the wrong driver?

I just reread my post & I think that i have installed the Nvidia driver in the wrong order(damn) is there a way I can undo this or should I start from the beginning?
the conext sound card driver is needed before the modem
Cool thanks Davey I will start again & install them in the correct order this time.LOL
O.K I have gone back & started from fresh but still get the same error could there be another driver that I need ?

O.K I got it installed but had to do it manually. then I went through & installed the Nvidia drivers but for some reason I have no internet connection & in device manager I have yellow question marks beside Base system device, ethernet controller, Moden device on high definition Audio Bus, Network controller, SM bus controller,UNknown device, Video Controller. Have I got the wrong driver installed there somewhere or is there something I missed. i thought that all these are Nvidia related. But I really have no
what problem are you getting i can't see it listed or i am too tired to see it
I can't get my internet connected everything i have read says that it should be installed with the Nvidia drivers but I can't seem to find a sloution. Is it a seperate driver or should it be bundled with the Nvidia drivers?
yes this can happen.
look on your c drive for the forceware unpacked driver somelike like c:forceware version number you install.

double click that folder.
look inside you will see the lan folder.
copy and paste it to your desktop.

then use device manager call up the lan / update driver option.
broswe to tha folder and install it that way.
Sorry davey but you might have to talk me through this one. I have found a folder called nforcewinxp and the version is 12.15 the only folder that I can is a ethernet folder but I can't find anything to do with LAN in device manager what else would it be under. Sorry for the silly question it's probably right under my nose.
ethernet folder is the lan card.

copy and paste that folder over to your desktop.
look in device manager for a problem..
if you have a problem with your lan card winodws will class it as follows.

unknown network adapter
right click on that select update driver.
don't let windows search, choose to install it yourself. browse to the ethernet folder and click next.
cool thanks for that i will give it a go & get back to you.Thanks again for all the help so far.

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