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Here we go again.
Hurrah! And got it finished before Sunday.

Now burn all those drivers to a cd ASAP.
not bad a day to downgrade,
the more you do the faster you will become as you will start to know what drivers to use what is missing and how
to correct the errors windows throws at you.
I've had no problems yet( fingers crossed). it makes it a lot easier to know that you guy's are here if i get into any trouble. Thanks for all your help.

I'm in the process of sorting through all the drivers I ended up with & putting aside the ones that worked.

Again thanks alot guy's I had better go & spend some time with the girlfriend before i fly out tomorrow.

O.K I have found a strange problem with the downgrade I just tried to plug in my headphones & mic into the ports at the front of my computer & the mic wont work at all & the headphones work but the speakers on the laptop work at the same time. Doea this have something to do with the drivers I have tried every setting in the volume control but can't seem to get it to work properly. TIA
yup i am sorry to say that is a very common problem with downgrading.

you can try updating the conexant sound card driver for a better one to see if it sloves the problem.

its the auto detect part of the driver for some reason does not install fully in xp.
I'm getting the HP laptop I did over Christmas back tomorrow, seems the owner discovered the same headphone/microphone problem. Can't use the webcam and audio to talk to his girlfriend live with his headset... LoL bet you are trying the same thing.

Will look and post what I find (and hopefully fix) with that one - it's so very similar - mostly all the same parts, just a bit older.

This is all so much easier when the rig is sitting on the workbench. Davey is really helping me think in ways I never tried before...
i got something for you to try pasound if you want to that is.
download the vista driver from hp for your laptop.

don't install it .

just open so your looking at the files.
do the same with the working driver you found.

see if they is a little software program in the vista driver thats not in the xp driver.
if you spot something copy it over to the xp driver then remove the working driver and reload it.
its got to be a file in that driver that missing.
Thanks Davey - great idea - will try that.

"When at first you don't succeed, get a bigger hammer."
LOL you sure guessed it PA. I tried last night but ended up ringing her instead if you find a fix give me a yell I installed the update sp34200 but that hasn't solved the problem. One more question about WI-FI the house i'm staying has a wireless internet connection but it keeps dropping out it usually runs at 54.0Mbps but then will just drop is there anything I can do to stop this or is it just the connection. (i'm about to go search for an answer just if you guy's know a trick) TIA
Wireless access might have a time-out set if it detects no traffic. Or it could be a flaky transmitter. If your wireless is telling you when it's on and off, it's probably not it's fault - it's poor connections.

Just to make sure, borrow a plug-in wi-fi card and install it and try the connection. If it stays on, then we need better drivers for your internal.

I have an internal in mine, but I also keep a Belkin B/G card around "just in case". Also, these days the house might have "N" installed, and it doesn't always talk constantly to a G connection, and forget B...
Cool thanks PA I will check it out. Thanks for the advice.
does the router have the lease time limit set ?
if you have not changed the pre set lease time to unlimited it will kick you off after its reached its set limit.
Cool thanks I will check that out. O.K here's a stupid question how do I access my wireless routers settings again( i know I should know how to just escaping me at the moment) TIA
depends on the router make and model number.
but 9 times out of ten you can cheat if you go online and call up your own ip address then enter that in IE it goes to the router settings just as long as port 80 forward is not open or it will go to your pc.
I have a problem with a hp dv6772nr laptop
I found all the drivers for xp pro
But there is unknown device i cannot find
the web cam is working and the card reader is ok
any help ?
you can call up the device id string of the unknown device and i will see what it is.

it could be anything from blue tooth right down to the quick lauch keys.
the id string will give me a better idea of what it is.
The id string for the unknown device is

Thanks Dano633
Thanks Dave
I searched the string and got the fix
Computer is running great now
Thanks again

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